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The Happy Cushion
The Happy Cushion can be used for formal seated meditation or many other sitting moments; in your lounge room, at your office chair, at the dining room table, in your car, or travelling on a plane.

“Heavenly bliss is the enjoyment discovered by sitting upon the Happy Cushion.
It is an indescribable experience.”
Happiness is the form of Real meditation

Creating Sacred Space
The Alchymeic Energy Houses – The Ultimate special holding and clearing tool. These magnificent creations emanate a radiant field of exquisite light, serving the environments they grace. These divine creations serve as beacons of transformation, harmonising the energetic landscape, bringing a profound sense of balance, harmony and peace to our surroundings.


Golden Fleece
Behold Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece – Hand-made hair garlands (also known as scrunchies) and an alchymeically imbued Golden Fleece Pendant. Embrace the celestial mystery of these treasures, as they weave a tapestry of legend and symbolism, bestowing their sacred blessing of grace and abundance upon you.

Excelsis  This product line currently has in stock –  Certified Organic organic bed sheets (Sets available in single, double and king.) and bath and hand towels. Excelsis bed linen is made from (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton fabric with a 250+ thread count. This standard brings the ultimate in quality, combining luxury with durability. This beautiful fabric has a creamy white appearance and is soft and silky to the touch.

“More than Organic, More than Natural, More than this,
stuff dreams are made of, the celestial heights, 
and not only that; 7th heaven, beyond cloud 9.”


Mists of Alchymie Logo

Mists of Alchymie Auric Field Spray
Introducing the Mists of Alchymie – Available in two variations: floral and water; Both are refillable. Immerse yourself in the transformative essence of these mystical mists, as they delicately dance upon your skin; cleansing, harmonising and rejuvenating your aura and your space, awakening the magic within and without.


Flying Carpet Yoga Mat
Introducing the remarkable Flying Carpet Yoga Mat, where Alchymeic blessings infuse every fibre of this mat. A traditional hand-loom stitched yoga mat, made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Embrace the unrestricted flow of life-force energy as you transcend gravity and experience the true essence of levity and liberation in your yoga practice.  

white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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