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May you be inspired and delighted by an array of holistic lifestyle products with a special touch. From Certified Organic to ethical fair trade to the mystical transformation of Alchymie, allow the discovery and participation in the treasures awaiting you, bringing you new horizons of enjoyment.
This site is continuously going though construction. Just as most of us are going through big transformations in life. It is happening here too! There is a lot of creative work to be done here so please check in when you can!
Areas that aren’t up currently are just going through a reconstruction.
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Here is a highlight of four of our unique product lines

Excelsis This product line currently has in stock –  Certified Organic organic bed sheets,  bath towels and bathrobes. Excelsis bed linen is made from (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton fabric with a 250+ thread count. This standard brings the ultimate in quality, combining luxury with durability. This beautiful fabric has a creamy white appearance and is soft and silky to the touch.

“More than Organic, More than Natural, More than this! – An Energetic Current of Bliss!”

Golden Fleece
Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece has hand-made hair Garlands (others call scrunchies) & an Alchymeically imbued Golden Fleece Pendant.

The Happy Cushion
The Happy Cushion can be used for formal seated meditation or many other sitting moments; in your lounge room, at your office chair, at the dining room table, in your car, or travelling on a plane.
“Heavenly bliss is the enjoyment discovered by sitting upon the Happy Cushion. It is an indescribable experience.”
Happiness is the form of Real meditation

Flying Carpet Yoga Mat
A traditional yoga mat made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton grown and hand-loom stitched in India in a fair and ethical community. The creation, design and embroidery takes place in Australia.