The 4108 August Way “It Looks Like Rain” Energy House
Creating Sanctuary with Living Feng Shui

The 4108 August Way is a small alchymeic Energy House with a big Heart. It is called “It Looks Like Rain” because in its felt current it alludes to the blessing of falling rain. It is the comfort of a warm hearth far away inside, while outside the cold and stormy weather rages. This 4108 August Way Energy House holds the alchymeic intention to create an extensive sanctuary wherever it is placed, psychically and energetically purifying the environment. It radiates a field of Light, touching and blessing everything.

Sanctuary is a place that evokes an exquisite moment and allows the possibility of peace and tranquillity to be found. It is that place where we can come to rest, breathe freely, relax and be restored and feel and create space in the heart.

When completely set up, it is an alchymeic ‘sanctuary field’ – manifesting mysterious positive effects. 

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Where to Place this Energy House to utilise its support

The 4108 August Way House can be placed in any environment. It broadcasts radiance, creating space beyond the stress chemistry and busyness of our daily living.

 Its presence is a gift that pulses with Light, psychically and
energetically purifying the space in which it is placed.

Simply place it in your home or office/work environment. It can be ideal in many different types of habitats such as; a one bedroom studio, a large ranch or living estate property, a healing spa or centre, a yoga studio, various forms of retail and corporate spaces. Whether it interacts and holds a space for one or hundreds, this House can create a profound space of heart. 

 It’s presence invites us into our intuitive knowing of the principle of existence,
which is a far greater space than what we may ordinarily reside in.

It is a remembering, it is a knowing again of all that is great and all that is possible.

Note that this Energy House can also be used as a Travel House, where you take it with you (Remove the top cards, have non-directional Vials and keep in a good padded travel bag).


Connect with this Energy and feel it holding your sanctuary, it extends more or less to a 3-mile radius, focusing particularly in the dwelling or mode of transport environment (e.g. car, train, plane) that you have it placed in.

travel in light

The House essentially moves to provide a ‘cleaner’ environment. The clearing of the House can reduce the likelihood of dramatisation of negative reactions, since everyone wants to Love, by reducing those negative conditions that tend to preclude the Heart response; this Heart response is made more available and therefore more likely. The House also moves to clear an individual of negative accumulations that are acquired executing worldly obligations. (Be sure to have a drink when you come into its space.)

If we understand everything is ‘action’ then we can see that we are responsible for our actions.
If we further suppose that ‘action’ is energy, we can see therefore that we are responsible for energy,
bringing energy, having energy and thus being a life-giving presence to one another.

Ways to utilise this Energy House

The 4108 August Way Energy House works to purify the environment in which it is placed without being directly interacted with. There are, however, ways to further engage this House and receive its blessing.

  • Hold your hand over the apex of the Energy House – take a breath… feel it – it holds a living process and communication that can be felt.
  • Place a glass of fresh water over the apex of The 4108 August Way House to imbue the water with its blessing current. Drink the water to receive a showering of Light. This is a great daily practice to assist in your personal ‘clearing’ and to also restore your energy field to a pristine state. Try to have a drink from The 4108 August Way House regularly, especially after demanding engagements. Try this each day upon returning home after a day out.
  • You may also choose to spiritualise your food and drink by holding it momentarily over the apex of The 4108 August Way House. There is a particular blessing created as part of the structure of The 4108 August Way House that allows the food and beverages to be purified, cleared and lifted to a much higher energetic quality.
  • Other objects can also be ‘cleared/purified’ such as groceries, handbag, mail, books or your pillow. Place them just over the apex of the House for a few seconds.
  • You may like to give the imbued water to your plants and animals too!

The Alchymeic Symbols

The Walls and Vials of the 4108 August Way House display alchymeic symbols. The symbols evoke and emanate their specific intention as an esoteric current. The mystery of its appearance holds ancient wisdom of sacred geometry and Pharaonics of the Hermetic tradition. Its energy returns us to the source and pulse of cosmic nature – it radiates the breath of eternal life.

Alchymeic Symbols on 4108 August Way House

Describing some of the history and foundational structural components of the 4108 August Way Energy House

Back in 1996 in Madison, Wisconsin USA, the beginning concept of an Energy House immerged. It started with flat 2 dimensional white glossy stickers – the Alchymist would write alchymeic symbols and statements in direct response to what he was witnessing with the intention of purifying and cleansing the oppressiveness of the space and environment in which we were visiting. This happened a lot when we were out and about, going to cafes, restaurants and book shops and the like. During that period of time going out to eat and drink would happen often three times a day and sitting in cafes and bookshops consisted for most of the day. For me it became more and more noticeable the differing energetics that would descend and emerge from an environment, whether it be the history of the space or the variety of people that came through while we were there. Although I recognised from a young age, the energetics of an environment, at that time I was becoming acutely conscious of the unconscious subtle world of energetics. 

During one of these outings we began to discuss the shift from 2-D to 3-D and so we began by tapping up four alchymeic cards together facing out in all four directions. It was from here that the idea of an “Energy House” emerged. It began very simply with one basic card that was the same for the 4 walls and this we now call, “Total Clearing”.

Total Clearing Card upclose

The four main walls of the House hold an Alchymeic intention of ‘Total Clearing’, they are intended to radiate transformative and clearing energies. The ‘Total Clearing’ is designed to work on all levels. Therefore, the ‘clearing’ may be felt in the walls, floors, furniture, the subtle realms and even the land itself. As everything is only energy it moves to ‘purify’ and ‘lift’ the energy of everything within the field of the House. Our environmental circumstances are often invaded by subtle communications from the presence of certain people or the echo of certain persons left on furniture and other things. To ‘clear’ is to return our environments to a pristine quality. This is what we call ‘clearing’.

The prototype design quickly expanded to become a wooden House structure with a hole in the centre and another hole around the outer edge to place an additional Energy. 

There is a Central Vial called Slow Force Field, it is placed in the centre of the House and it provides the overall field within which the basic qualities are structured. The four Total Clearing Cards and the Central Vial establish the main body of the House and are the carrier waves for the additional ‘instruments’ that are added to this orchestration.

This vial, Slow Force Field merges the Energy of several qualities and the basis of it begins with slowing things down and dissolving the pressure of time and our relationship to time and thus aligning us to the present moment, while establishing a force field of energy that creates space from the negative attention and psychic destructive intrusions of the world. 

slow force field vial

The first Vial set of four around the outer perimeter is called Peace on Earth, which is placed in the very corner of each cardinal direction.

Peace On Earth Vials are about actualising True peace, which is intimacy with the Divine, therefore to say, “Peace on earth goodwill to all humankind,” is to invite all to turn to that Heart disposition, that is the Confession of Only God and resting in that we bless all beings – mineral, plant and animal as our own Living and Breathing.


Peace on Earth Vial

Years later it was felt to include as part of the foundational design to the 4108 August Way House, a set of four Feng Shui Wizard Vials.  

The Feng Shui Wizard Vials are inspired by an ancient Chinese system, believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to optimise the spatial arrangement and orientation of worldly patterns and structures in relation to the flow of energy and life-force. This is all aimed at achieving harmony within the environment and positive chi/qi.  This Energy is intended to harness the perfect presentation of this tradition beyond mind and beyond limitation. The Feng Shui Wizard Vials are the way of wind and water Alchymised.

Feng Shui Wizard Vial

With each House you are given the freedom to select an additional Five sets of Energies/Vials. In this way you can articulate and configure the Energy House to suit your specific needs and desires. See further below for a list and short description of the first 16 options. Some of the names include: Home Sweet Home, Goodbye Electro-Magnetics, Plagued By Daemons, Doggie In The Window for Abundance, Politics of Experience Wizard for support with Communication, Occupational Hazards, Transitionings and more! 

This House gives you a way to orchestrate or facilitate the kind of energy support you would like in your space.
We may change the  arrangement of the additional Energy options whenever we would like
and experience more than just a few additional Vial sets.

4108 August Way Energy House ready for alignment to North and South

It’s at this point in the set up when the House needs to be set up with the specific corners pointing in each of the cardinal directions. 

There are four directional cards that are placed on the roof of the 4108 August Way House. They are placed so that each corner of the House has an alchymeic Energy that is aligned to a cardinal point.

Below is a brief description of the four different Energies that were created to support the opening, healing and transformation of each cardinal direction.

It is advised to take the top cards off of the Energy House when travelling.

Pole Star is placed in the Northern corners. Pole Star is about release. It’s alchymeic intention is to open the gateway to ‘higher mind’, lifting and awakening higher consciousness.

Asleep In Armageddon is placed in the Southern corners. Armageddon is the last great battle ground, a fitting metaphor for the warring circumstances at large and extensive within the world at this time. Rest deliciously undisturbed while the battle rages all around and all night long.

Top cards for 4108 August Way House

Jack And The Bean Stalk is placed in the Eastern corners. Jack’s bean stalk grew vigorously one night reaching up into the heavens. The intention of this energy is to promote abundant growth and renewal. 

Snowflake – Snowflake is placed in the Western corners. Intended to be a powerful clearing, removing the ‘build up’ of negative accumulations in the psyche and world. This energy is about elimination, allowing a fresher participation in our relational existence. Like snow as it falls, peaceful, silent, serene and timeless.

In 2005 the addition of the Amentis Base came through as a stand in which the House is placed.  

The name was inspired by The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and The Halls of Amenti. There is a passage within an Emerald Tablet transcript book that says, “To whom by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted themselves from the night into light, free are they made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life. Guided then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from man, to the Master of Life. There they may dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of night.”

The statement made by the Alchymist about this Amentis Base:

 “Amentis is said to be a hidden chamber beneath the Great Pyramid,
which is the hall of eternal Life: ”As above, So below.”
The House reflects itself below in Amentis.
As a reflection of parallel mirrors with no loss in reflection,
far beyond the ordinary reflections of mind.” 

When the Amentis base is added to the 4108 August Way Energy House it about intensifying the support of holding a sacred space, having clarity, love, homeliness, relationship and a space to learn and grow and evolve in consciousness.

It brings further support to being lifted out of the mire and much and toxic psychic maelstrom of worldly entanglements. We are invited beyond the gravity, into a bigger space, a clear space and able to have more access to sacred knowledge.

The symbol etched onto this clear base is a The Crimson Clover, a symbol standing for the sign of the trinity and the dawn of a new age where we emerge beyond our dark history. 

The focus of the 4108 August Way “It Looks Like Rain” Energy House,

is to create a space filled with Heart. Creating the space for homeliness to exist,

 amongst the maelstrom that exists. The ‘House’ is wonderful for home and family environments.

The energy creates the intimacy of felt Love and relationship.

It finds space for Love and moves to eliminate all hatred ghosts and lower astral intrusions and more.

It is present to help hold your space to allow your conscious evolution and growth.

This ‘House’ is very personally responsive to you or whomever it is looking after. 

The ‘House’ is always in gestation and always evolving to meet your

Present day circumstance. When you have a major change in life this is a good time

To take your ‘House’ apart, clean it and then rebuild it. Allowing a reset

For a new moment of response, healing and holding.

Additional Vials

This Energy House allows you to select five different Energy focuses out of 16 different selections. This allows: 
Creative Freedom In Your Environments

Note: We may change the  arrangement of the additional Energy options whenever we would like and experience more than just a few additional Vial sets.

This House gives you a way to orchestrate or facilitate the kind of energy support you would like in your space.

In addition to the Vial sets Peace on Earth and Feng Shui Wizard, we may add up to five additional Vial sets out of a selection of 16 different Vial sets at any one time. This allows us to directly address the energy in the location where it is placed and ‘orchestrate’ the kind of Energy we have radiating throughout our environments.

Each new Energy placed on the ‘House’, creates and assists in opening an entirely different dimensions of Energy throughout our spaces. For instance, we can place on the House, an Energy called ‘Doggie In The Window’, which are about increasing the flow of abundant energy in our homes and work environments. There are thus many ways that we can participate with The House creatively, all of which expand and evolve over time as we engage its Energy.


Here is the list of the 16 additional House Vial set options – More details are given upon engagement about each of these Energies.
This is just a small consideration about each one. 

Angel “There’s A Kind of Hush All Over The World”
Inviting a deeper intimacy and divine blessing through the support and holding of Angels. 

Doggie In The Window
Reminding us of Divine abundance and awakening us beyond the ‘doubt of love’ in our economical minding, into the Heart joyous abundance, wherein we recognise the pure delight of even the simplest apparent objects of this world. 
In short this Vial set is inviting us to the abundance of the open heart. Often used in retail environments or for opening beyond levels of scarcity and doubt.

Eyeless In Gaza – Arr 288
Supporting the awakening of ‘penetrating consciousness’, to cut through and reveal levels of self and other sabotage, betrayal, confusion… Revealing the Truth and what loving is meant to demonstrate.
Arr 288 Energy is based on an Energy called ‘The Unholy’. It is given to counter evil atheism and to instead celebrate the Love of God and the ascendance of God in this world.

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arr 330
We are subject to varying degrees of electromagnetic disturbance no matter where we go these days. Transform the disturbing intrusive effect upon our auric field from these unseen rays, by inviting us to lift our attention to a higher dimension of existence. 

Funnel Web Spider – Arr 185
The funnel web spider produces one of the world’s most deadly poisons. This Energy brings penetration and transmutation of the negative structure that would create such a poison. When penetrating this poison in consciousness, it reflects the structure of fear that exists in us and throughout our environments. Thus ‘spider’ is a metaphor for the poison of ‘fear’. Fear can often be a reflexive response, a contraction away from the light of consciousness. This Energy moves to penetrate, purify and transform the surrounding environment of the many forms of stultifying and binding communications, providing a field of Radiant Conscious Light that reveals there is no law for negativity.

Hardware Alien Below The Plane Of The Ecliptic
This Energy is Alchymeically intended to address the angular, hard, mechanical/robotic, unfeeling dimensions of existence and its machinery that can affect an environment and the people who reside and interact with such equipment. This lack of feeling sensitivity can leave an energetic footprint and can have a negative impact upon the gross-vital form or earth plane of existence. The inspiration here is to restore the possibility for the human response and thus life-positive environments.

Home Sweet Home
A healing quality for the home environment. Intended to transform the phenomenology and dynamics between people in a household, inviting heartfelt responses in our relationships to each other where the functional hierarchy exists beyond ‘exploding egos’, and our relational existence is based on Love and enthusiasm. Creating a loving relational environment.

Occupational Hazards
Many occupations have many hazardous elements to them, from the psychic and subtle stress communication to the fascist tyranny of ‘self’ and ‘other’ exploitation, the list goes on and on. This Energy is designed to respond to the unique hazards of employment.

Plagued By Daemons
A wonderful relief for the unending frustration of being surrounded by endless blocks to being functionally effective. If one is responsible for many children, this is the perfect Energy. If incompetent help plagues one, this is the perfect Energy. It is also the perfect energy for the daemons that plague us; that is, anything that unbalances us and over-intrusiveness from any influence (e.g. geo-radiation).
Part of the purification process requires us to adopt a spiritual practice of inspection, in order to consciously penetrate what it is that attracts and allows these distracting energetics to overwhelm us.

Politics Of Experience Wizard – Arr 255
Inviting all those within the vicinity to true levels of communication with each other, which include right speech, right thinking, right action, delivering us from all levels of reaction formation wherein we hide our true feelings behind Trojan horses. Our true form of communication is beyond all political manipulation and at last it is simply the Heart shining through the whole bodily form and we stand forth as a Presence of perfect integrity or the perfect integrity of the open-face, open-hand and open-Heart.

Snowflake Daemon Catcher
An intense psychic clearing, these Vials are designed to deal with all manner of negative ‘energetics’ or subtle entities, clearing the space where the House is placed. Perfect to use in environments with a dark history, or places with a lot of traffic and activity passing through.

“In our involvement with this earthly vision we are presented with multi-dimensions that are accessed through transitional phases. The difficulty with these transitional phases is that we are seriously transformed and perhaps overwhelmed into forgetfulness of what preceded the transition and so we fail to learn what it is that we are actually involved with in our association with this realm.”
Change, growth, adaptation. Whether literal or spiritual this quality is intended to help us through times of transition. (e.g. waking state to dream state, dream state to deep sleep state.)
This Energy has been found useful for moving around a lot. Also useful in assisting the Alchymeic process, allowing rapid transformation and growth.

Below are the four Directional Vial Set Options
They need to be set up aligned to the cardinal points. It is important that whenever the 4108 August Way Energy House is set up it is aligned to the cardinal points of North, South, East and West. Once either a directional Vial set or the top cards are placed on these have a special orientation.

Thus if you are travelling with your House, this is another time when it is important to observe if you have the top cards on the House or one or more of the directional Vial sets below. Take the top cards off before venturing off and also consider Vial sets that are not one of the sets below to have on your House when you are planning to travel with it. Yet if you want to carry this set with you and once you reach a destination point you can change around the additional five placements on your House. 


The Chones
Since all matters of karma are a matter of design, The Chone Vials are sacred Energies reflecting karmic designs that are simply a matter of structure within the earth plane. The major areas considered are:

  • Chaos designs
  • Renewal and rejuvenation designs
  • Elimination designs
  • Personal power and talent designs

When all Chone Energies are placed upon the 4108 August Way House they are seen to create a vast field of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is where the qualitative as well as the quantitative elements are addressed. 

The Elements – Air (N), Earth (S), Water (E) and Fire (W)
Each element has a different quality, which these Vials draw upon:

Air – higher mind, Earth – grounding and manifesting, Water – fluidity and feeling, Fire – transformation and growth.

The four Alchymeic Elements together have been seen to assist in releasing all gross-vital karma at last, as we are dissolved beyond the elements through the passage of Divine Translation.

The Lights – Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Lights
The Northern & Southern Lights Energies are about the balancing and aligning of the polar opposites – male/female, north/south. Helping to awaken us beyond the duality of the world. Purifying and aligning the vertical line.
Suggested for: Male and female relationships inviting harmony, and thereby intimate interaction to occur.

The Eastern and Western Lights bring purification and alignment to the horizontal line.
These Energies are seen to close doorways to lower black dimensions while an unstoppable Light floods in like a roadway – forward and up

The Lights assist in allowing the way for the awakening to ‘Cosmic Man’ or whole body enlightenment, by brining light space to the North, South, East and West – the vertical and the horizontal… the cross of the awakened form.

The Winds – North, South, East and West Winds
Each directional Wind evokes the quality of the particular cardinal point, combined with the energy of the wind supporting change, fresh inspiration and the release of stagnant situations.

white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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