Additional House Vials

Here is the list of the 16 additional House Vial set options –
More details are given upon engagement about each of these Energies.
This is just a small consideration about each one. 

Angel “There’s A Kind of Hush All Over The World”
This Energy is intended to invite the Angelic Realms to enter our space and environment – Inviting a deeper intimacy and divine blessing through the support and holding of Angels. This Angelic prayer is to bring love and support to those within its space to Rest in the Mystery, have space from the vulgarness of the worldly and to support and buffer our stresses and challenges so that we may grow and evolve in the fullness of love and Heart Remembrance.

Doggie In The Window
All of us have some level of sales resistance due to our economics of scarcity. Even with such a great possibility before us we may simply stand helpless and unresponsive in our equivocation. Doggie In The Window reminds us of the Divine abundance and can therefore awaken us beyond the ‘doubt of love’ in our economical minding, into the Heart response of joyous abundance, wherein we recognise the pure delight of even the simplest apparent objects of this world. But most of all we may begin to recognise our True Heart’s Desire.
In short this Vial set is inviting us to the abundance of the open heart. Often used in retail environments or for opening beyond levels of scarcity and doubt.

Eyeless In Gaza – Arr 288:
Supporting the awakening of ‘penetrating consciousness’ into our space. Cutting through, revealing levels of self and other sabotage, betrayal, confusion… Revealing the Heart of Truth and what loving is.
This Energy also has Arranging 288 added within its structure. (The word Arranging and its number simply identifies a particular Energy focus that has been allocated a number rather than a name and the Alchymie of creating an Arranging is in short an intensification of the specified Energy.) Arr 288 Energy is based on ‘The Unholy’. This Energy is given to counter evil atheism and to instead celebrate the Love of God and the ascendance of God in this world.

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arr 330
There is a background hum to our houses of 50 cycle electro-magnetics and the communications from the so-called user-friendly computer are worse than our toaster. We are subject to varying degrees of electromagnetic disturbance no matter where we go these days. Goodbye Electro-Magnetics Alchymeically transforms the disturbing intrusive effect upon our auric field from these unseen rays, by inviting us to lift our attention to a higher dimension of existence. May it be transformed, into something like a picnic, with buttercups, by a stream, after a rainstorm.

(The word Arranging and its number simply identifies a particular Energy focus that has been allocated a number rather than a name and the Alchymie of creating an Arranging is in short an intensification of the specified Energy.)

Funnel Web Spider – Arr 185
The funnel web spider produces one of the world’s most deadly poisons. This Energy is the penetration and Alchymeic transmuting of the negative structure that would create such a poison. When penetrating this poison in consciousness, it reflects the structure of fear in the form and thus throughout the world, being born into mortal form and having forgotten the Vision of God. Thus ‘spider’ is a metaphor for the poison of ‘fear’. Fear can often be a reflexive response, a contraction away from the light of consciousness. This Energy moves to penetrate, purify and transform the surrounding environment of the many forms of stultifying and binding communications, providing a field of Radiant Conscious Light that reveals there is no law for negativity.

Hardware Alien Below The Plane Of The Ecliptic
This Energy is Alchymeically intended to address the angular, hard, mechanical/robotic, unfeeling dimensions of existence and its machinery that can affect an environment and the people who reside and interact with such equipment. This lack of feeling sensitivity can leave an energetic footprint and can have a negative impact upon the gross-vital form or earth plane of existence. The inspiration here is to restore the possibility for the human response and thus life-positive environments.

Home Sweet Home
It has been said, “Home is where the Heart is.” A healing quality for the home environment, this Energy is intended to transform the phenomenology and dynamics between people in a household, inviting heartfelt responses in our relationships to each other where the functional hierarchy exists beyond ‘exploding egos’, and our relational existence is based on Love and enthusiasm. Creating a loving relational environment.

Occupational Hazards
Many occupations have many hazardous elements to them, from the psychic and subtle stress communication to the fascist tyranny of ‘self’ and ‘other’ exploitation, the list goes on and on. This Energy is designed to respond Alchymeically to the unique hazards of employment.

Plagued By Daemons
A wonderful relief for the unending frustration of being surrounded by endless blocks to being functionally effective. If one is responsible for many children, this is the perfect Energy. If incompetent help plagues one, this is the perfect Energy. It is also the perfect energy for the daemons that plague us; that is, anything that unbalances us and over-intrusiveness from any influence (e.g. geo-radiation).
Part of the purification process requires us to adopt a spiritual practice of inspection, in order to consciously penetrate what it is that attracts and allows these distracting energetics to overwhelm us.

Politics Of Experience Wizard – Arr 255
This Energy is inviting all those within the vicinity of The Bright Room to true levels of communication with each other, which include right speech, right thinking, right action, delivering us from all levels of reaction formation wherein we hide our true feelings behind Trojan horses. Our true form of communication is beyond all political manipulation and at last it is simply the Heart shining through the whole bodily form and we stand forth as a Presence of perfect integrity or the perfect integrity of the open-face, open-hand and open-Heart.
What is a Wizard?
The inspiration for a Wizard is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge, of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. That is, there can be no negatives in any Wizard. The Energies are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizards are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products.

Snowflake Daemon Catcher
An intense psychic clearing, these Vials are designed to deal with all manner of negative ‘energetics’ or subtle entities, clearing the space where the House is placed. Perfect to use in environments with a dark history, or places with a lot of traffic and activity passing through.

“In our involvement with this earthly vision we are presented with multi-dimensions that are accessed through transitional phases. The difficulty with these transitional phases is that we are seriously transformed and perhaps overwhelmed into forgetfulness of what preceded the transition and so we fail to learn what it is that we are actually involved with in our association with this realm. The Hermetic Touch can hold us in the Remembrance of the Truth of Us, so we don’t simply remain through a day to day, life to life role as an unconscious sacrifice served up on the table for lunch.”
(Excerpt from, “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love” by Jessa O’ My Heart.)

Change, growth, adaptation. Whether literal or spiritual this quality is intended to help us through times of transition. (e.g.
waking state to dream state, dream state to deep sleep state.)
This Energy has been found useful for moving around a lot. Also useful in assisting the Alchymeic process, allowing rapid transformation and growth.

Directional Vial Sets (4 Options)
The following Vial sets need to be aligned to the cardinal points. They are therefore not recommended to put on a Bright Room House that you may be consistently travelling with.

The Chones
Since all matters of karma are a matter of design, The Chone Vials are sacred Energies reflecting karmic designs that are simply a matter of structure within the earth plane. The major areas considered are:
Chone One – (West) Chaos designs.
Chone Two – (East) Renewal, rejuvenation designs.
Chone Three – (North) Elimination designs.
Chone Four – (South) Personal power/talent designs.
When all four Energies are placed upon The Bright Room they are seen to create a vast field of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is where the qualitative as well as quantitative elements are addressed.

The Elements – Air (N), Earth (S), Water (E) and Fire (W)
Each element has a different quality, which these Vials draw upon: Air is higher mind, Earth is for groundedness and manifestation, Water is fluidity and feeling, Fire is transformation and growth. The four Alchymeic Elements together have been seen to assist in releasing all gross-vital karma at last, as we are dissolved beyond the elements through the passage of Divine Translation.

The Lights – Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Lights
Beginning with the Northern & Southern Lights:
These Energies are about the balancing and aligning of the polar opposites – male/female, north/south. Helping to awaken us beyond the duality of the world. Purifying and aligning the vertical line.

Northern Lights – Represents the Upper Coil, referring to that which is above the brow, the higher mental or male position and is also associated with the Northern Hemisphere. This Energy is an enlivening of the brain-mind.

Southern Lights – Represents the Lower Coil, referring to that which is below the brow, the vital or female position and is also associated with the Southern Hemisphere. This Energy is an enlivening of the gross-vital form.

Suggested for: Male and female relationships and being able to feel the balance between the upper and the lower coil. May be useful where there is withholding and disturbance between couples, inviting harmony, and thereby intimate interaction to occur.
These two Vial Energies can also be used to assist in allowing the female to understand the male point of view and vice versa. Awakening as both the upper and lower coil energy current is essential in allowing the fully polarised being to develop.

Followed by adding the Eastern and Western Lights:
Purifying and aligning the horizontal line.
Eastern Lights
Vision: Unstoppable Light flooding in like a roadway – forward and up.
Western Lights
Vision: Saw the doorways closing to a lower black dimension down and to the left. Heard the gates click shut.

The Lights are allowing the way for the awakening to cosmic man. In other words in the born condition The Lights are providing the currents for allowing whole body enlightenment, allowing that space – North, South, East and West which is the vertical and the horizontal… the cross of the awakened form.

The Winds – North, South, East and West Winds
“Winds of change”. Each Wind Vial evokes the quality of the particular cardinal point, combined with the energy of the wind which brings change, fresh inspiration and the release of stagnant situations.