About Excelsis



In November 2006, Excelsis product line was born.

Our journey began with a quest through Australian major department stores, where we observed an abundance of aesthetically pleasing patterns on sheets but found a striking absence of any mention of organic or fair trade practices.

In those early days, the term “organic” was not widely known, and the many attempts to seek certified organic bed sheets in well-known department stores often resulted in blank stares. 😳

This void inspired a mission to create a line of bed sheets that transcended mere aesthetics — sheets that are not only non-toxic but of exquisite quality and that exude more…bringing us comfort and support. 

“More than Organic, More than Natural, More than this, the
stuff dreams are made of, the celestial heights, 
and not only that; 7th heaven, beyond cloud 9.” 

Excelsis organic single bed sheet set

Through the development process it was discovered that there was only one organic cotton farm in Australia and one supplier manufacturing bedsheets. We began with this supplier and our first prototype was created in early November 2006. (See photo on left.)

After this we connected with a GOTS-certified manufacturer in India that gave us more possibilities. Following the success of our initial bedsheet and towel release where all of the products were embroidered in Australia, we decided to go bigger and get a big order directly produced in India. This expansion was driven by a perceived need to make certified organic bedding and bath towels more accessible, while concurrently being a platform to educate people on the differences between organic and non organic and the very importance that it can make to someone’s life and wellbeing; not only the user who so intimately has these fabrics touching their skin, but the farmers and manufacturers who go through the process of getting this product to them. 

Excelsis products 2007 in The Thin Green Line in Murwillumbah

           Past History of Excelsis Products

March 10, 2024 we sold the last Excelsis Bath Robe. Click here if you’d like to see what they were like!  

The Vision

On a practical level… we have envisioned bringing products to you that are life-supportive, instilling a brightness of being. Creating space for conscious awakening and heart remembrance.

  • We offer Certified Organic, sustainable and fair trade products that uphold detailed social criteria wherever possible.
  • We believe it is a moral imperative to support business enterprises that are beyond all levels of exploitation.
  • We feel it is important to move globally and cooperatively as unity consciousness, utilising the uniqueness of what everyone has to offer.
  • We strive to bring feeling and integrity to every level of our business.
  • We are always open to new, innovative and positive changes to our multi-faceted levels of commerce.

    You Are Important To Us

    We want to inspire you to be the conscious consumer. Be the positive catalyst that ignites the change and awareness of what needs to change.

    Our actions, our choices, our demonstration makes a difference. Love is action. Have the intensity and courage to bring enquiry, consideration, action and enthusiasm to life and living. We make the difference.


    There is a call to humanity; there is an obligation right now upon humanity,

     a plea to the hearts of all to wake up and make a stand. Time has run out,

    the consequences of our actions are before us.

    Every action has a consequence, be it positive or negative.


    What Makes Us Different

    A unique feature to all our products is the Alchymie. The Alchymeic Imbuement is a life-positive blessing. It is something you can feel and sense beyond mind or reason. Each product line has it’s own story. Go here to the “Alchymie & Embroidery Symbolism” – Golden Fleece and Crimson Clover.


               The Name Excelsis

    The name Excelsis is to mean the grandest, the pinnacle of its kind. The logo is the merging of two fractalisers representing the Alchymeic current of ‘As Above, So Below’ where heaven and earth dissolve beyond all duality.

    The phrase, “More that organic, more than natural more than this, the stuff dreams are made of, the celestial heights, and not only that; 7th heaven, beyond cloud 9.” is an invitation to the living current that can be felt through interacting with these products. Inspiring us to reach and bask in that which is above and beyond, and combine with it, into that which is below. Engaging with this current of cosmic refreshments that is so needed when we rest on the bed sheets or the loving embrace when we wrap ourselves in one of the towels or robes. 

    What now in 2024….a note from the Director Clover Hart  🙏

    Since the last major shipment arrived from India in late 2011 I have been in a 12 year cycle of movement and little energy to give to Excelsis product line along with the many other products lines  created. It is now in the last month of Dec 2023 that I take the time to look back on this history of holding and the creative process. All of the products that are currently available are a precious item to enjoy and be nourished by. The material quality is inspected as each towel is unpacked and repacked before sending. These items are the last of their kind and the cost to reproduce this quality at this time would be way more than viable at the current prices considering there are so many embroidery logos on the items. So, the impulse is to sell it all out and for each item to find that perfect home and person who’ll enjoy what they have received and be lifted and nourished to that place of serenity and bliss.  

    After this? Well there may be some smaller token to go on to hold the current of Excelsis, but in the foreseeable future that won’t be something as bulky and heavy as holding boxes and boxes of precious linen.