A Little About Us… Wild Fire Spins The Gold Marketing began in 2004, evolving into what it is today, standing as a portal to market a vast number of products. Our Company resides in the Northern coast of NSW Australia. Each of the many product lines are a business unto itself that has been created and owned by Wild Fire Spins The Gold Marketing or another specified Company.  

Through these products we would like to inspire your
Growth, Happiness and Positive Change as the consumer.
Igniting your destiny to be enlightened.


Our Name – Wild Fire Spins The Gold  holds the Hermetic Alchymie as a living current and every product within holds manifestations of alchymie. This Current is given to invoke and ignite the Hearts awakening to spread as wild fire.
With passion and intensity, may our products inspire and awaken you to your greatest possibility.

Incarnating Liquid Gold Light!
The current of this wondrous Alchymeic Energy is the invocation of liquid gold –
The liquid Light of the Divine current from infinitely above.
It allows that Light to be brought through the circuitry of our energy body,
unblocking the circuitry so that the whole bodily form becomes a conduit of this liquid Light current.

Our Logo – The Image came through inspired vision and blessed as a living symbolic picture.
The flames of fire at the base represent the transformative heat necessary for growth and change. This fire held within the Alchymeic caldron is manifested as a fractalised Current or pyramid of Light, representing the evolutionary possibility and potentiality within consciousness for humankind, (which is otherwise simply a mummery) When we truly choose to submit ourselves to a process of transformation, we choose to evolve, to stand, to be, to become the difference, to awaken, to be liberated by all that is less than love.

wildfire logo no text*

The white bird represents the Holy Spirit out-stretched as a gesture; representing perfect vulnerability, perfect sacrifice. The white bird pierces the Soulfire* sphere (the yellow, golden sun). At the point of penetration attention lifts to The Bright of Conscious Light and consciousness reawakens to the Remembrance of the Infinite Current where we are returned to the very source of existence.

*Soulfire is the original scission – the point of creation where the Divine Light creating this Cosmos is seen as a current that begins to multiply, one becoming two, igniting the Genesis of creation, igniting the fire of Transformation. At this point of creation, the blueprint for the fulfilment of the mystery of the human possibility is immanent.

In this initiatory Current, the Light shatters across this domain. The process is ignited and the communication of heart manifestation begins.

“Alchymie is born in the cauldron of the Heart”

The Vision As you are invited to participate and enter each Wild Fire Spins The Gold portal – may each step ignite an awakening, an initiatory current to inspire and journey of participation, Transformation, Awakening, Remembrance and passion.

Each portal although an entity unto itself, is part of the whole… the ultimate purpose of which is to awaken us to our full potential and full possibility as a human being. Every individual has a choice to participate at whatever level of immersion their hearts intuition invokes them to. Like spreading flames of Light, may this Wild Fire of Awakening to the Truth of our Real possibility ignite with a passion that this Alchymie intends.

The Alchymeic Imbuement** – A Dance of Light that is Transforming
(Many of the products say on them: Alchymeically Imbued.) Alchemy is classically defined as the mythical process of turning base metal into gold. We spell the word Alchymie instead of Alchemy to reflect our association with the word as a living process of esoteric transformation, a uniquely human art leading to enlightenment. Alchymie presumes an essential unity of all things, whether tangible or intangible, material or spiritual and relates to change at the atomic level, allowing matter to vibrate at a much higher ‘enlightened’ level.

The Alchymie in our products is a highly evolved energetic process that allows a purification of the negative residue due to the manufacturing process, in addition, this Imbuement allows the product to move into a vibratory current that is a living synergy. It is this living synergy that attunes to the user, allowing a unique and specific response.

The products that are Alchymeically Imbued hold this radiant esoteric current, a cosmic manifestation of life-positive Transformative Energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing. There is an exquisite touch that can be felt, an indescribable experiential moment. Journey through each Portal to discover the different product lines, each with their own story.