Alchymie Chakra Collection to support you in your Chakra clearing

These Energy Tools are intended to enhance the vibratory current of each chakra, to assist in the process of transformation and help us discover possibilities beyond the limitations and karma that otherwise block our creative capacity.

What you will find in this collection:
1 Disc: Colour Me Clear

3 Wands:
Lotus Pond
Spectrum Wizard
7 mini Chakra Wands

A purple bag to carry your Wands in and an information booklet.


Descriptions for the Different Wand Energies:
Lotus Pond Alchymie Wand
A chakra is believed to be a centre of activity that; receives, assimilates and expresses life-force energy. This Alchymeic Energy brings an inspiring view of the chakra system; balancing, purifying, opening, enhancing and creating the right spin in our ‘lotus ponds’.

Our bodies contain seven major chakras or energy centers and 122 minor chakras. The major chakras are located at the base of the spine (Root Chakra), at the navel (Sacral Chakra), in the solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra), within your heart (Heart Chakra), within the throat (Throat Chakra), at the center of your forehead (Brow or Third Eye Chakra), and at the top of your head (Crown Chakra). These chakras are linked together with all other energy systems and various layers of the auras.

With this Energy, Lotus Pond try accessing any of the many chakras, including others that aren’t the main seven. Move the Wand around on top of your body and then out into your auric field. Feel the Energy as you engage this. You can also engage it in meditation, simply hold the Wand with the intention of receiving the Energy.

About Wizard Wands
The inspiration for The Wizard Wands is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even tapping into anything not yet demonstrated by that tradition.  Thus there are no negatives or failures in the exercise of The Wizard Wand, its focus is simple free flowing inspiration and invocation from a  divine connection. The Wizard Wands are a present living creation and because of this, The Wizard Wands appear interactive, but so is the whole product.

Spectrum Wizard
Spectrum Wizard is the Colour Therapy Wand. It delivers an infinite array of shades of the colour vibrations, starting at the toes with all the multitude of red shades moving up through the body to orange and yellow shades, pink, green, all the shades of blue in the mental and higher mental functions and finally merging in the white light above the crown. When holding this Wand the focus moves slowly from toe to crown through all the various shades, touching all aspects of the being that are governed by some particular shade of colour. This constant movement throughout our multi-dimensional form from toe to crown while holding the Wand can promote balance and restoration of our energy pathways.  The individual using this Wand may feel purified, balanced and enlivened.

In the usual disturbed condition there are colour imbalances around all the functional areas of the being, as can be seen in ‘magnetic photographs’ taken. If we see this colour disarray, as in the photographs mentioned, the Spectrum Wizard is about energetically touching the colour imbalance by giving more of some colours and taking away some others until perfect harmony is restored.

Those dealing with Colour Therapy would see disturbances as a colour imbalance and so we might describe energy blockages as too much red, too much yellow, not enough green, not enough blue, or some such thing. The Spectrum Wizard Wand Energy focuses to deliver the appropriate colour spontaneously or an individual can interact with the Wand by contemplating various colours and allowing them to play upon the area contemplated. In any case, balance and harmony is the focus to be achieved through the agency of this Wand.

7 mini Chakra Wands 

Here is a bit of information on what each Chakra is about:
Base Chakra -(spiritual – energy)

Navel Chakra -(spiritual – faith) 

Solar Plexus Chakra- (spiritual – knowledge) 

Heart Chakra- (spiritual – love) 

Throat Chakra- (spiritual – receiving) 

Third Eye Chakra-(spiritual –sending) 

Crown Chakra-(spiritual – wisdom) 

This Collection is ideal for practitioners as well as those who would like to use it in their own clearing practice.