“Most of us in our so-called ‘speech’ are merely voicing what pops into our heads. Ordinarily we don’t care from where the speech popped,
it is simply sufficient that we ‘just got an idea.
Real communication is never political speak.
Real communication comes from our heartfelt responses to other beings and is always centred upon what these other beings are really communicating
and not just some ‘political spin’ that is floating around in bubbles.
Allow the heart to speak its Always and Only Heart confessions.
It is these Heart confessions that are the healing force of the
Living Divinity of Only God.”

All communication should start with our feeling into the Mystery*. So in this way we will always love those with whom we are speaking. If we fail to love in and as our communication, we reinforce the limitations of those hearing our communication and we reinforce our own judgmental expectations of those same ones. So always be alive in the Mystery in our communication of everyday matters within all that obliges us.

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The Energies in this Collection are…


  • Candidly Speaking
  • Fame
  • The Mantra of True Sayings
  • The Three Monkies
  • Voice Master

Politics of Experience Wizard
Spectrum Speak

*Write-ups on the Discs and Wands
Candidly Speaking
A failure to speak candidly is a failure of the everyday personality. Being forthright requires courage to be open-faced or to lose face. When communicating with others we must transcend all tendency to avoid relationship. In right relationship, we are not focused on being right or getting it right; it’s about being confessed.
Confession is not trying to come out with something; either some sentiment thing or some guilt thing. Both of these positions are filled with egoic concern. Confession is simply Happiness itself and this is not in the sense that we feel that we are happy, it is not self-conscious, but simply our heart’s response to abiding in the Mystery.

Most of us are afraid to stand up and be counted, hiding our light under a bush. Becoming confident is a useful quality, however this is often just seeking judgements on the value of our performance, but this isn’t necessarily the point.
Losing your eyes and giving your eyes to everyone else (metaphorically speaking), is self-consciousness. In this disposition ‘others’ are all looking back at you, because they have the eyes, you have none. In allowing ourselves to be dissolved as the centre of focus, we lose every level of self-consciousness and thus stand as the Radiant Divine, and this is perfectly attractive.

The Mantra of True Saying
There are many traditional sounds chanted in order to obtain certain effects, either to promote meditation or in ancient times to destroy the enemy with certain voice projections or shouts. Such traditional sounds or indeed actual meaningful sentences come under the term ‘Mantra’.
When we speak our heart’s truth, this too has a transforming force, therefore The Mantra of True Saying encourages us to discipline our speech and always communicate the truth, even when it is difficult, because this communication of the truth transforms the one speaking and the one listening.

The Three Monkies
Just how wise the proverbial three monkies were is an open question, since usually we are not given to holding monkies responsible for anything they do, and while people are, no doubt, not functioning as well as the monkies, they are to be held, in any case, responsible. So the attributes of wisdom herein to be considered are: “hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil”. Immediately we see an enormous difficulty for the human race, since gossip and voyeurism are rife and account for most of our so-called media entertainment; so hearing gossip and speaking gossip are clearly the evils considered to be unwise, in the best of circumstances, and slaughter by innuendo, in the worst cases. Such a one who indulges the drama of loose talk must of necessity be controlled by such predilections in what they see. This proclivity for entertaining ourselves at the expense of others leads us all away from the Heart into the perilous realm of bearing false witness, either passively or actively. To be in the vicinity of a number of people engaged in ‘loose talk’ is painful indeed and it is clearly necessary to bring an end to such heartless drama, wherever it is found, otherwise we cannot know any peace wherever we go in the public domain.

Voice Master
Much can depend on the quality of voice with which a person is afflicted or in a few cases, blessed. Using this Energy can help bring welcome changes to the energy of the voice, which is often reflected in our conductivity of the life-force. This Energy is a great blessing to the voice of all.

Many people’s communication is at the very least startlingly boring and at the very worst, like receiving a hail of bullets from a machine gun. If only we could cut off their heads, we could silence them. With the sword Excalibur, bristling with romance and energy, we can go ‘lopping’ heads all day long and reduce the nerve racking babble to almost human responsiveness.
Waving the Wand Excalibur through the space focused on the tension underlying the dramatisation we are witnessing and suffering can clear the air, making it possible to function freely, even in seriously disturbed public places. This Alchymeic Excalibur is seen as the sword of Truth. Engage this Energy and allow the head to fall into the feeling Heart.

Politics of Experience Wizard
What is a Wizard Wand?
The inspiration for the Wizard Wands is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge, of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. That is, there can be no negatives in any Wizard Wand. The Wands are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizard Wands are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products.

R.D. Laing says in his book, The Politics of Experience, “I like to have fun, getting you to have fun is hard work, then I don’t have fun.” This is a somewhat amusing statement about a circumstance demonstrating unlove, in this case unresponsiveness and lack of enthusiasm. It is one of the many ways we seek to manipulate one another through bodily and verbal communication. There is no end to the possibilities of verbal manipulation through emotions involving innuendo, sardonic ‘humour’, polite subterfuge, vengeful intrigue and all the positive and negative fixations that amount to what in ancient times was referred to as the ‘evil eye’.
The ‘evil eye’ is seeing things in a positive light or a negative light, but failing to see the way anything actually is. The positive or negative light is merely our own shadow falling on all things and that upon which it falls is not permitted to be free, i.e. to be alive. May we be aligned to true levels of communication with each other, which include right speech, right thinking, right action, delivering us from all levels of reaction formation wherein we hide our true feelings behind Trojan horses. Our true form of communication is beyond all political manipulation and at last it is simply the Heart shining through the whole bodily form and we stand forth as a Presence of perfect integrity or the perfect integrity of the open-face, open-hand and open-Heart.

Spectrum Speak
Small babies are often found to be experimenting with different sounds. At some point we are able to make the sounds of any language. This capacity reduces as we grow older and adapt to a specific language. Even in our own native language there is often the failure to articulate and annunciate when speaking. Spectrum Speak invites us to experiment with new sounds, improving one’s own language and opening to new languages and communication skills. There may also be a past life connection with a language that can be remembered and explored.
There are all levels of voice proficiency that we may be called to; some of us might be a ‘punk’ in Brooklin: “What you lookin’ at?” or a world-class opera singer, requiring vast levels of sound shaping. Spectrum Speak invites us to modulate the sound we require, aspiring to the exquisiteness of the music of the spheres.

*Stories of people using this Collection are coming!