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The Energies in the Fractal Earth Collection are designed to help us meet the challenges and obstacles in life. To have the strength to deal with the ‘shocks and knocks’ and the space to respond freely to whatever the next moment brings.

Included In This Collection Are:
A Wand called, Fractal Earth – Arr 362
This Energy is based on Fractal Geometry. Made up of the Mandelbrot set; it is a mathematical entity of infinite extent. The distinguishing characteristic of fractals is that any piece of a fractal, when magnified has the same character as the whole. Fractals are always repetitious, always low levels build to higher levels. Yet nevertheless, intrinsically to the pattern, there comes a moment when there is an ‘apotheosis’, a breakthrough to a new level of understanding. At this point whatever the old configuration has been, simply falls away. E.g. Once the karmic pattern is seen, it cannot continue.

“Inclusive transforming, cognition of experience and seeking.” (Adi Da)

This Energy has many uses and is one that grows and expands as it is experienced first-hand over time. It is a powerful tool and a support to other Wand Energies.

Fractal Earth holds the Alchymeic Intention of ‘grounding’ the life-current right through to the centre of the earth, inviting harmony & spaciousness to overwhelm conditions of negativity and toxicity throughout the earth’s energy field. Even the intrusive presence of massive buildings and massive cities can be felt to disappear.

Try applying this Energy to; ‘sweep’ the energetic build up in a car when people are sleepy or on public transport when surrounded by negativity; to Alchymeically ‘clear’ work environments, air-conditioning, computers, crystals, negative houses, paint; to share the Energy with plants and the earth by attaching to the hose while watering the garden.

A Disc called, Big Toe In The Water
This Disc is about unravelling us from all the many levels of ‘shock’. From an endless array of ‘shocking’ emergencies to the ‘shocks’ of knocks and spills, the ‘shock’ of birth trauma and so on. At last, perhaps, we allow ourselves to be unravelled to the core, to where the last tiny impulse of fascination explodes into the Blissful timelessness of perfect release; ‘shockproof’ at last.