Cost of Collection is $195 AUD

Use the Energies in this Collection to discover the infinite possibilities of the life-force current in nature.
Delight in gardening and bless your plants and the natural environment with these transformative Energies.

Enjoy the simple nourishment of the flowers themselves and create a garden of life giving vegetables, herbs and fruits. Discover Alchymie in the garden and be delighted in your relationship to Life itself

Included In This Collection Are:
3 Discs
Poisons In The Garden
Chemical Warfare

3 Wands
Jack And The Beanstalk
Bio Dynamic Wizard
Geo Triplet

(Write-ups are below.)

This allegorical tale about the Garden of Eden invites us to remember the possibility of purity and freshness, prior to insecticides, pesticides, and man-made toxins. May we align to living rightly.

Contemplate the effects of denatured food (cooked, frozen, genetically modified,…) Eden, as the ideal of life on earth, untainted and undiscovered – fresh air, fresh soil, fresh vegetation, brilliant sunshine, fresh fish… This is a picture of a world along time ago. Principally, Eden demonstrates what is required for the target to be met.

Poisons In The Garden – Arranging 8
When we sit viewing a tranquil country scene its apparent peacefulness may beguile us into imagining that there are no poisons in the garden, yet there are plants that at the slightest touch of which leave welts on the skin, there are scarcely seen insects, spiders, reptiles and other ‘creepy crawlies’ potentially capable of inflicting serious wounds and possible death upon the karmically disposed individual. This is the natural order of poisons in the garden; the unnatural and the non-natural are the creations of the mad mind of modern humanity. Poisons ooze and waft in most of our dwellings and city structures. The poisonous cocktail of chemicals intermingle in our environments with negative subtle communications of self, ‘other’, electronic radiation and so on, providing us with a veritable cesspool of destructive ambience.

This Energy inspires us to create environments to be more peaceful places to dwell, beyond all of these terrible communications that we now experience.

Chemical Warfare – Arranging 183
Toxins are obviously not of the Light and we must do what we can to avoid them and be lifted beyond the intrusion. The world is full of these kinds of dangers, by-products of modern technology. In present times we are still faced with manufacturers that haven’t yet understood the fact that they need to get beyond chemicals and adopt the ‘organic’ disposition, the products of which, such as food, clothing, skin care are the only ones fit for the earth and human living. This Energy is given as an inspiration to develop a poison free back yard.


Geo Triplet
This Energy is made up of Geo Mancer (laying out everything in a perfect way, Geo Mandala (solid earth structure) and Geo Mantra (sounds).
Geo Triplet is essentially a ‘lens’ that helps to direct and focus Energies more easily. It is therefore useful to use with all other Wands and Energies where extra focus is required.
Use it with the other Wands in this Collection when gardening and note that when used with Fractal Earth Wand (Found in the Fractal Earth Collection), it is possible to (psychically) view something, such as a piece of land, being cleared of some negative aspect.
Geo Triplet Energy invites us to feel and view (psychically) into the structure of anything from the micro or macro world, Geo Triplet is also a useful aid to ‘drawing’ or ‘illustrating’ what is viewed; from the cellular life of plants to the internal structure of stars.
The Energy Geo Mancer is one of the parts of Geo Triplet. This Energy, Geo Mancer, is about the perfect layout or design of buildings, environments and even our own internal structure. Since this is so, Geo Triplet can be a valuable aid in creating a garden bed as well as town planners and architects. With this aid, architects, being sufficiently sensitive, can see the exquisite layout of buildings and environs as they would be with everything in harmony with everything else and all would appear as wondrous to behold as the Taj Mahal.
Hold this Energy in your hand with the intention of participating in this Graceful inspiration. Using this Energy regularly should deepen your response, allowing at last a clear visual presentation to the mind’s eye. Drinking the water should also hasten the onset of this inspiration.

Jack And The Beanstalk
The story goes that Jack’s beanstalk grew vigorously one night reaching up into the heavens. Inspired by this tall tale, our Jack and the Bean Stalk is Alchymeically intended to evoke a more abundant growth as it brings an enlivening current to all growing things.

Bio-Dynamic Wizard
What is a Wizard Wand?
The inspiration for the Wizard Wands is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge, of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in the choosing of the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. That is, there can be no negatives in any Wizard Wand. The Wands are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizard Wands are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products.

Biodynamics is a regenerative agriculture, wholistic in approach and practice, based on the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925). This is a system of farming based on organic fertilising preparations that brings the life-force back into the soil. A healthy, well-structured soil, rich in humus and high in biological activity is a prerequisite for any sustainable agricultural system. Unlike conventional agriculture, which is based on adding water-soluble fertiliser to soil, thus working on a surface level. Biodynamics is taking the organic approach of bringing the soil to life, thereby allowing that which is grown in the soil to be a living organism, full of life-force. Thus the inspiration of this Wizard Wand is to awaken our conscious participation in such a process, (beyond the degrading usage of pesiticides, insecticides and herbicides) wherein we assist in bringing restoration to the earth plane and in turn receiving optimum levels for nourishment production. May this Energy be an inspiration to life positive forms of gardening.


  • Strap one or all of the Wands to the garden hose with a rubber band while watering the garden.
  • Tap the Wands to the side of the water can before watering the plants.
  • Hold the Wands when planting seeds, seedlings, etc.
  • Touch the plants with the Wands.
  • Put the Wands in the garden bed or next to a struggling plant that requires extra care.
  • Tap the Wands to a vase of cut flowers to imbue the water with the Alchymeic Energies.
  • Sit and hold the Wands when considering a garden layout.
  • Hold the Wands when walking through nature, to feel and connect with the living earth.

If you live in the city, you may engage the Wands to connect with the inspiration to gardening nourishment of nature. You may also be inspired to grow out of portable planting pots.