In short: This collection is key for energetic clearing and a basic spiritual practice. Energetically, we are continuously affected by our environment and people around us. This Collection is intended to help us clear the psychic pressure we face every day and to help us find the space to feel free wherever you are.

We all have a number of energy fields (also called our auric field). These ‘psychic fields’ are constantly affected by interactions with other people and the many places that we visit. For example, we may notice that when we go to places where people are stressed, exhausted, in conflict or not well, our own personal level of energy and gnosis is lowered. This is because as ‘energy forms’ ourselves, we can be affected by other energetic communications and projected ‘thought’ forms.

Everything comes to gather the energy of consciousness. Being in public places can be costly, often these untransformed environments suck the energy out of our feet, and going into strange places can ‘corrupt’ our energy. So try not to over extend visits to public spaces. Take note when we suddenly feel tired and our bright lively condition is no longer supported, this is when we must retreat to sanctuary for recovery and renewal. Here we can engage appropriate ‘clearing’ practices to eliminate, purify and spiritualise all that we have been in association with, thereby reestablishing the flow of life-current throughout our multidimensional form.

At the end of each day many of us are bereft due to demanding circumstances. This is when it is particularly important to begin our renewal before we consider retiring for the night. If we do not, we may wake up in a terrible state in the morning. To support our real growth, it is an absolute necessity to enter into sleep with simply the intention of renewing ourselves to begin again in the morning, not to escape into ‘dreamland’.

This Collection is designed specifically for the psychic clearing and transmuting of the many psychic influences that surround our daily living. Note: While engaging these Psychic Clearing Energies many negatives can be seen to ‘bubble off’ so to speak, do not be alarmed, persist.

The Energies in this Collection are…

DISCS (Write-ups below)
Don’t Fence Me In – Arranging 231
Lifestream – Arranging 186
Big Black Hole Soak
No Law for Negativity – Arranging 185
Black Magic – Formal and Informal – Arranging 242

WANDS (Write-ups below)
Psychic Field Stress
Invasion Wizard – Arranging 260

Write-ups on all of the Energies in this Collections
Don’t Fence Me In –
Arr 231 (Also available as an Intro Wand and a Disc in this Collection) “… give me room, lots of room underneath the starry skies, don’t fence me in…” The consideration of ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ is focused in ‘other’ possession. This ‘other’ possession has many forms, some of these are ‘concept’ possession, lower astral possessions, entity possessions, parental and sibling possessions, ‘friend?’ possessions, place possessions, time possessions, black witchcraft possessions, ‘programming’ possessions, ‘dimensional’ possessions and so on. This consideration can be very freeing, leaving us at last with our own ‘self-possession’, which is our own moral responsibility, under the banner of ‘energy and feeling’*.

*Energy and Feeling:
Energy is an attribute of the Divine, which is love. The action of love.
Feeling is being open-hearted, with no contraction in the heart or feeling dimension. The head must also be a bright feeling organ, allowing the heart to shine up through it, smithereening all solidity. The head should be slightly bowed to the heart, rather than arrogantly sailing above, disrespectful of the rest of the form.
Being responsible for energy and feeling is therefore, keeping open- hearted and allowing love as action. Love is enthusiastic, not inertial.
Bringing energy and feeling to one another means we are a participant as love, as energy and not withholding love with a contraction in the heart. We bring energy and feeling to one another through conductivity of the life–force and real enthusiasm, full of interest and love. We are always confessed as “I love you”.

No Law For Negativity/ 42 Spider Elixir – Arr 185 (Also available as an Intro Wand and a Disc in this Collection) This ‘place’ in which we find ourselves, is mostly given over to the worship of fear, rather than the commitment to Love. There is no doubt that over the last few thousand years the continued investment in being less than Love has degraded this ‘place’ to what we find today. Beyond what can be seen in this ordinary sense, when the Vision of God is not present, psychically this ‘place’ has appeared as a vast and poisonous spider web. The ‘spider’ symbol in our reference here is seen as one of the principle presences of the shadow world. ‘Spider’ being a metaphor for the poison of ‘fear’. Fear can often be a reflexive response, a contraction away from the light of consciousness.

This Energy holds a culmination of individual Energies created over a 15-year period with the intention to penetrate and transform a multitude of ‘spider’ energetics.

Through this Energy we are invited to give up our particular unconscious karmic motivations stemming from fear, by penetrating the veil of illusion that is fear. In Truth there are no binding necessities; we can transcend our destiny and what appears to be necessary. This Energy moves to reveal and dissolve the many forms of negative communication from ‘self’ and ‘other’, providing auric-field protection, while inviting us to the ‘bigger vision’.

LifestreamArr 186 (Also available as an Intro Wand and a Disc in this Collection) This Energy brings a purification to the over intrusiveness of subtle realm programming that can be controlling, intrusive and distressing. The forms of programming can appear through a myriad of daily environmental interactions, such as T.V., films, billboards, food, computers, etc.

This Alchymeic Energy is about bringing clarity, consciousness and freedom from the confining and common forms of manipulations that are like a fixed program that can appear to be just the way that it is, until the light shines through.

Black Magic Formal and informal – Arr 242 (Also available as an Arranging Wand and a Disc in this Collection) It’s possible through casual interaction to receive a ‘bolt’ of negative influence resulting from the anger from some person or persons, rendering us feeling quite ill or sending us into a coughing fit. It is best to leave the area of such people and not to enter into their company in the first instance. We need to get wise as to who are the angry people in our world. Sometimes they are the depressed.

This Energy is referring to Black Magic both Formal and Informal. People’s moods are the Informal, and we have to wade our way through them everyday, sometimes this can be quite crippling. The Formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger. Both are damaging to our psychic emotional structure.

With this Energy we are inviting a purification of negative influences, negative attention and projected thought forms from others.

Big Black Hole Soak (Vial in 3rd Threshold Pack & Disc in this Collection) Much of the psychic field around us is a vast blackness. In our psychic naivety, we soak up this blackness (like a sponge) as part of our own structure. This can obviously be quite debilitating. We need to employ some way of purifying our form. This Energy is such a way of purification.

Maha (Vial in 1st Threshold Pack/Wand in this Collection and it comes as a Pendant) Obstructed energies and conditions are a ‘block’ to the flow of life force or life current. The Alchymeic intention of Maha is to transmute these negative conditions within the environment and people’s energetic fields and thus evoke a nourishing quality to life. Within the Alchymeic principles, negative conditions and even negative responses to the living process can be dissolved by the stable presence of life-positive energy. The green colour of Maha alludes to the life energy of plants and thus it is also given with the intention of support for plant life. Place the Vial on the Stargate Box with the intention of the garden or plants receiving the Energy and/or place a small water container on the Stargate Box, imbuing the water with Maha. If you have the Wand, try strapping it to a hose while watering the garden or immersing it for a minute or two in the water supply.

Maha is seen (psychically) as an Energy which shoots through the ‘life’, like an arrow through an apple, clearing it of negative aspects, moving to lift the individual into a higher ‘functional’ dimension. “We are surrounded by a gold circle with many colours flashing through it.”

Psychic Field Stress (Vial in 3rd Threshold Pack and Wand in this Collection) – This Energy moves to deal with the total pressure that is the consequence of living in a world where those present are irresponsible at the level of their psychic body communication as a felt matter. For the untransformed, the process of conductivity of the life-force* remains beyond their comprehension, thus their responsibility in relation to their own energetic presence being minimal, makes them available to a total subtle intrusive energetics that can be profoundly disturbing.

This Energy is given to support those who are truly beginning to become conscious at the level of whole body conductivity. So that we are able to move more freely in a world that is not yet supportive of the Radiant Light of Divine Communion.

*Conductivity of the life-force is a flowing current of Divine energy that courses through our multidimensional structure. There are many ways to intensify this current through yogic practices involving the breath and/or yogic postures or asanas. (See: Vital Exercise and Yoga Collection for more.)

Invasion Wizard (Vial in 2nd Threshold Pack & Wand in this Collection) – What is a Wizard? The inspiration for the Wizards is indicated by their very name and this inspiration is the tradition, or body of knowledge, of some particular discipline. The reference to a given tradition is in choosing the highest aspect of that tradition, even beyond anything demonstrated by that tradition. Noting there can be no negatives from any Alchymeic Wizard. The Alchymeic Energies are a present living creation and because of this, the Wizards, are interactive, as are all of the Alchymeic Products. They are also created to wean people off of any level of fascination to any tradition that would otherwise be binding.

The traditional western approach to the removal of possessing spirits could perhaps be called the Science of Exorcism, wherein certain substances and certain chants are used to remove the annoying spirits. This Invasion Wizard Wand can employ all such rituals occurring within all traditions.

There are also many unwanted intrusions into the integrity of the ‘self’ that are not necessarily invading spirits, but are all manner of lower astral intrusions, including concepts, extraneous energies left behind in environments, programming from all manner of media, such as: books, films, television and so on and also the ‘evil eye’ of the conventional individual who Medusas us to death with the stony gaze. The Invasion Wizard moves to respond to all levels of possession and more, with the entire traditional history of exorcism of all cultures.