Touching Light Collection

Cost $95.00 AUD

This Collection is an invitation to move with greater feeling and awareness.

The Energies in this Collection are…
DISC: Divine Star – An absolute gem of an Energy. 

The ‘conditional realms’ of the ‘cosmic mandala’ are ‘stepped down vibrations’ of the undifferentiated wholeness of the God Light. There is a gradual ‘forgetfulness’ to complete ‘forgetfulness’ as we go from the ‘yellow realms’ to the ‘red realms’. The ‘red realms’ are a ‘hell’ precisely because there is no opportunity granted to Realise God there. Likewise, in the lower ‘yellow realms’ bordering on the ‘red’, it is very difficult to realise God, but the opportunity is granted and so these lower ‘yellow realms’ are, at worst, only ‘hellish’. The energy of the drink Divine Star is from the unmodified God Light beyond the ‘cosmic display’. As such its healing capability is very great and therefore its restoration of the enervated and toxified sufferer in this lower ‘yellow realm’ is also very great. A very long draft of Divine Star, pour Alice.

WAND: Touching Light – 

The contemplation of Touching Light invites us beyond our ‘usual’ encapsulation into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Our true form of consciousness is being alive as all of this apparent world. Involving ourselves with the Energy of Touching Light evolves us to this true form of consciousness.

“The usual point of view is dominated by the sense of vision and in this domination, our fascination with vision tends to crush all the other senses. Many of us are so isolated and numb at the bodily level that we show signs of shock if someone inadvertently touches us. This shock that we often feel when touched demonstrates our separation from the pattern of relations. Touch in the most ordinary sense is a whole body sensory involvement and as a whole body involvement we are dissolved beyond the shock of being self-conscious about our boundary into the true form of no centre no boundary. The contemplation of touching light invites us beyond our usual encapsulation, into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Thus, we can feel into other beings including apparent inanimate beings and come to know them intimately as our own being. We could therefore touch a plant and feel deep into its nature or touch a book and know intimately its content and so on. Involving ourselves with the contemplation of touching light evolves us to the true form of consciousness, wherein we are alive as all this apparent world.” JOMH – The Will of God Is The Obligation to Love