Cost $225.00 AUD

Computers and many of the technologies we can’t seem to live without in the modern era, are generally not ‘friendly’ technology when we consider their total impact. The environmental consequences of their manufacture, daily energy requirements and disposal is one indication of this, and the other is the effects on our human existence; socially and physically. It is true there are many undeniable benefits associated with such technology. Finding the balance, minimizing the damage, staying one step ahead of the rapid technological advances, and maintaining the human quality of our lives is the ‘name of the game’ and the inspiration for this Collection.

The Energies in this Collection are…



  • Dalek Invasion
  • Hardware Alien Below The Plane of The Ecliptic
  • Poltergeist
  • Replicant
  • Shadow of The World Wide web


  • Glasstron Adaptation
  • Goodbye Electro- Magnetics
  • Ultra-Tech Wizard