The Vital Exercise Collection contains Energies to inspire consciousness around exercise; the daily requirement of some gentle exercise, and the right relationship to exercise, that is not obsessive. It is a matter of love as to why we engage vital exercise. We must remain strong for our loved ones and also we need to remain strong to continue with this process – the evolutionary development in consciousness.

Being cognisant of how to participate in the evolution of the gross vital form in consciousness may take every minute of our life, therefore we have to aspire to enjoy full functioning for every minute of our life. The old adage “Use it or lose it.” would seem to apply here. Research suggests that the body can actually become younger across many of its functions through exercise. This would suggest that it is never too late to begin.

The breath is the basis of vital exercise. The physical form does not exist by its own power, it is a vegetative function. It is lived by the universal life- energy that also lives all other things and beings. It requires conscious practice to conduct this energy to all areas of the vital form. In this way we allow more and more Divine current to pass through our form.

When breathing ‘in’ we are inviting the descending force, down the frontal line, every ‘out’ breath is up the spinal line. We must fully participate in this as reception and release. Breath is about the capacity to let life in and eliminate all that is; anything less than this causes congestion. The breath reveals our dependent nature on that which is beyond and greater than us, the infinite Divine. Balanced exercise is essential for establishing the flow of current through the gross vital form, through the conductivity that exercise represents. Exercise that doesn’t further stress the body is most useful – swimming, walking, yoga, calisthenics… Engage the Discs and Wands before and during exercise (in the case of the Wand).

Conscious exercise naturally realigns and integrates the physical body with the etheric or energy body and the universal life-force.

Discs Included In This Collection

The Elephant And The Bright Rider

Mighty Atom

Popeye’s Spinach

Wands Included In This Collection

Calisthenics Wizard

Extending The Ki

3 Litres Clear