Easter Energies

Easter Energies
Igniting the true spirit of Easter within us all… Easter is just around the corner and there are some wonderful Alchymeic Energies to support us at this time. These Energies have been carefully selected to be part of our Easter collection. If you would like to order any of these, please contact Hermes or your nearest representative.

Easter Disc Energies – $35 AUD each
This specific collection of Disc Energies becomes very significant at Easter. A potent time to engage them is the lead up to Easter. Include them in your daily meditation and energy work.

RR Easter Elixir
Recognition of the Intuitive Heart of Love and the Awakening of the Eternal Heart of Real Consciousness. The Crucified One submitted to His existence shines forever in the Heart of mankind as the hope beyond the consciousness of death of the usual man or woman –  the True Form of Eternal Life or the One who was never rendered within the usual circumstance of this earthly vision.
RR C= MC 2
Coincident with consciousness raised to the speed of Light, that is the Resurrection of Very Consciousness itself… the held current is intentionalised to lift us beyond identification with mortal death and allow us to shift attention to identification with the transcendental form.
RR The Judas Script
The Judas Script is clearly about the historical event of the betrayal of Jesus of Nazareth. The betrayal took place as a direct result of the impenetrable intellectuality of Judas Iscariot… The destruction of the heart of love, can be seen at last in the light of Truth to be simply the destruction of our own heart. Therefore it is imperative that we awaken to the contrite heart and confess our complicity in this primary betrayal of the heart of love which is now entrenched as the norm of our superficial ritualistic cultural interactions, where like the Stepford Wives, we bypass all levels of actuality and therefore reality…


RR Divine Communion or Bust
Abide in Communion with the eternal Truth now and forever more, what else is there?

RR Being Responsible for Our Existence
As we come to understand that in this ‘place’ there is death, we begin to grasp the import of being responsible for what we amount to whilst alive. Carrying this Truth close to our Hearts, we are spontaneously drawn to move as Love. This Energy is about seeing what it is we must become accountable for in our own case and transcending the apparent limitations upon living as a Loving, Healing Presence in this world.

RR Behold, I Make Everything New
Wiping everything clean. We start again with the contemplation coincident with the truth of Only God.

RR Sacrament Highway
Divine inspiration is maintained in our courageous walk of love and devotion.

RR Baptism By Fire

Alchymie is commonly known as the transmutation of base metal into gold. In our understanding, this statement is a metaphor, being that it is the person that is the base metal. So it is about enlightenment – the gold of enlightenment. What is Alchymie? Alchymie is a mystical transformation of celestial proportions that is characterized by slow and steady heat. Alchymie is constantly tended through steady discipline to enact what is truly a miraculous transformation of mankind into God.

RR The Power of Perfect Vulnerability
It is difficult to remain loving in a world that feels threatening on many occasions. It follows that we cannot remain in a self-contracted, self-protective position and love at the same time. The restoration of our power through perfect vulnerability can enable a renewed response.
RR The Last Drop Flowers
The Last Drop of blood of the Sacrificial Lamb spills from the body. The perfect yielded sacrifice is made – everything is given not one ounce is held back, all is yielded for the sake of all. The vision is seen of the Last Drop falling from the perfectly yielded form, sitting in the lotus position, dropping through the lower coil upon the earth. It begins to seed and grow, the roots take hold – Truth surges up through the bodily base into the flowering of the navel and solar plexus. This Disc is for all who will partake in this Sacrifice, who will allow this great matter of Truth to enter this place through their whole body recognition and submission to Grace. Truth will take hold here – we are the seeds that must awaken and allow this great flowering for the sake of all.
white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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