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THE ALCHYMIE  –  “As Above, So Below”

Background on the Alchymeic Hermetic Product Imbuement:

The origins of Alchemy/Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), developed the alchymeic process known as Hermetic or Hermetic Science and wrote the Emerald Tablet. Upon this Emerald Tablet, Hermes inscribed his famous observation “As Above, So Below”, as well as a description and language of the process of creation. Thus, this Alchymie is part of the Hermetic tradition, although it is utterly different from commonplace understanding. 

This Alchymie is a Divine process – The metaphor of turning base metals, like lead, into gold refers to the base metal lead as the karma associated with our born being and the Alchymie of Transformation is lifting us to the enlightened condition, which is symbolised by gold.

These Alchymeic Products are imbued with the force of Divine light; we feel them as a current of energy. The Products do not work based on mere belief or placebo, however, our receptivity, or ‘allowing’ of the Energies is paramount. The Alchymeic Products cannot be proven by scientific means. They are a supreme Mystery that can be felt by the faithful heart. They invite an awakening to the feeling dimension of existence. It is obvious and it is mysterious.  

The Key to Living Alchymie
This statement is the key to Living Alchymie, where ultimately the Divine current is realised as our living form. At last we become cognisant of the meaning of what is Above and what is Below as a correspondence, in the miracle of one, not two.
The Alchymeic Energies are imbued with the force of Divine light; we feel them as a current of energy. With each session we engage an assortment of Alchymeic Energies that initiate and ignite spirtiual transformation and growth.
These Alchymeic Tools come in many forms; Discs, Wands, Pendants and other Hermetic Artifacts, all of which can be felt through holding, feeling, engaging and drinking through water that is imbued with these energies.
The Alchymeic Energies reveal The Way of Happiness, which is the form of Reality, and remind us that Consciousness and Love are our true human condition.


Alchymeically Imbued

The Products themselves are described as being “Alchymeically Imbued by the Most Panegyric Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus”. The Products are a modification in the style of Hermetic Gnostic science, named so after the father of this ‘Gnostic science’ or ‘Alchymie’, Hermes Trismegistus. This ‘science’ is therefore a creative manifestation of ‘force fields’ made actual through the Grace of God. The ‘forces’ arise out of the Word; poems, ecstatic communication, structured information Energies and the present phenomenal aspects of the manifest cosmos (e.g. tidal energy, super nova energy, northern and southern lights, the winds, the galaxies, the solar system, nebulae, fire ball lightning, earthquakes, viruses, molecules, compounds, etc.). Hermetic science can only take place in the highest and truest sense with perfect God Realisation or awakening whole bodily as perfect identification with the Divine. In this Realisation the Perfect Radiance responds to the modification of the Nominal or the Word and the phenomenal or the actual. The Products are a Nominal and phenomenal construct made possible by the Grace of God. The Products are therefore a living Divine manifestation focused in particular purposeful modifications that are described in the write-ups. The Products, like the ‘world’, are the Perfect Radiance of the Graceful Divine.


“What’s in the Energies?”
What’s in you? Can you answer this question? What’s the main thing about you? You are alive, extensively. What is life, what does being alive amount to? You see, it gets harder and harder, because just like you, the Energies are alive. What is the final answer? What does being alive amount to? It is a Mystery isn’t it? It always will remain a Mystery, an unfathomable mystery, which is part of the Divine ignorance of this place, it’s simply not given to know. To understand maybe, but not to know, it’s not a given. It’s not information. It’s part of the Divine ignorance of this place.

None of this is defensible as an argument to the rational mind and therefore cannot be proved by scientific means: it can only be felt by the faithful heart, awakening to the feeling dimension of existence. Therefore what is Alchymie cannot be reduced to linear mind or planar mind, nothing needs to be proved, it is obvious and it is mysterious.

The Product over-all is a present modification of the Divine radiance, a remarkable technology, just like the vision of the earth plane is a remarkable technology. It is not something that was created a long time ago; it is presently being created by the sacrifice of God. Each energy does not contain anything, therefore, it is being created in the present moment by the living God. The Products over-all are modifications of Divine radiance, they are not little separate objects, they are the extended radiance of the living Divine and they carry with them the full force of the living Divine, the full understanding of the living Divine, the full transforming power of the living Divine. The thing that we’ve been up against in developing this technology in this world is the sheer density of it. Making room for the Divine light to get down to such incredibly dense and dark levels that the average individual represents; so the evolution of the Product is the evolution of penetrating the density or the utter lack of receptivity that most individuals represent in this world. Very humble stuff.