Alchymeic Energy Houses 

The Energy Houses are magnificent! They radiate a vast field of exquisite light throughout the environment in which they are placed. It all began with the 4108 August Way Energy House that emerged in Madison, Wisconsin – USA back in 1996. It has been described as Living Feng Shui and the House of Peace and Sanctuary. 

Each new Energy House and all differing configurations placed on the ‘House’, creates and assists in opening an entirely different dimension of Energy throughout our spaces.



The 4108 August Way is a small alchymeic Energy House with a big Heart. It is called “It Looks Like Rain” because in its felt current it alludes to the blessing of falling rain. It is the comfort of a warm hearth far away inside, while outside the cold and stormy weather rages. This 4108 August Way Energy House holds the alchymeic intention to create an extensive sanctuary wherever it is placed.

Sanctuary is a place that evokes an exquisite moment and allows the possibility of peace and tranquillity to be found. It is that place where we can breathe again, where the space can be created once more to fall into the Heart. 

A portable Artifact for creating Sanctuary in your home, office or on the road

To find out more about the 4108 AUGUST WAY HOUSE go here.

The 4108 August Way House supports holding a space of sanctuary; clearing the hatred ghosts and lower astral intrusions. A place of peace and tranquility where you can come to rest. An environment that is clear of psychic field pressures. Creating a space aligned to nurturing and supporting your growth and evolution.

Build this House to specifically meet your needs.
This Energy House can become very personal and can be modified from among 16 different Energies to suit your particular environment. Follow the link above to find out more about these 16 options. 


Genesis of Creation

The House-Five-Sky is the symbol of the entire cosmos and its potency is a Great Wonder and an unfathomable Mystery that is evolving and intensifying, always in gestation. House-Five-Sky is Alchymeically intended to initiate a Transformative process that gives way to Reality. House-Five-Sky invites an intensified ‘fire’ of Qualitative Evolution. House-Five-Sky initiates the ascension process to the Eternal Form, animating and awakening humankind alive as the Divine at last.

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