Pendant Alchymie – See below the list of pendants and click on the name to see and read about each pendant.

Each piece of jewellery holds a specific energetic intention to support us in our journey of transformation and Heart Awakening.

Each piece holds a ‘tone’, a vibratory current that sings to the Heart.

When reading the description of each piece it invites you to further contemplate and immerse yourself into the discovery, awakening and healing touch associated with each piece of Jewellery. Your discovery of each pieces unique attributes will likely vary slightly to someone else’s, because this alchymie is responding to you personally. The full benefits of each piece of Jewellery are not limited to its description, rather, over time, a deeply personal relationship with each piece will evolve as part of your own ongoing journey of self-discovery. 

Here is a list of the Alchymie Pendants/Jewellery available:
Click on the name to go to view and read about it.
Golden Fleece pendant – 
Dolphins Under Orion Pendant
Maha Pendant
Sweet Point Pendant
Touching Light Pendant
Talisman Pendant 
Golden Ball Manifestation The Number Four
Primary Heart Energy (Male & Female forms)
Angel of Light Adaptation Pendant (Male & Female forms)
Noah’s Ark Pet Pendant
Thoth’s Staff Pendant
Emerald Tablet Pendant 
Weapon Shop Pendant 
Cat’s Eye Nebula
Hermetic Salamander
Proton Structure (Male & Female form)