Dolphins Under Orion Pendant
Available in 9ct. y/g or w/g dolphin top with a blue liquid-filled glass ball.
$300 AUD

The Story…
When we feel into the energy of dolphins and other mammals of the sea, we are immediately touched by their joyous freedom, seeming humour and their often friendly overtures in relation to us. The dolphins themselves are fixed forms and do not suffer or enjoy all the possible states of humanity.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…
“A group of dolphins appeared, leaping through waves of conscious light, creating the infinite current of eight as they emerged through the Heart centre upward and above the brain-mind. In infinite flight they create a surge of felt joy and blissful radiance as they returned down through the third eye in the infinite current resembling the figure eight, restoring a felt gnosis of the volumetric heart. This passage reawakens and restores us to the circuitry of Infinite Bliss, our true condition when aligned to the ‘Infinite Path of Return”.

The Dolphin Pendant…
The Energy of the Dolphins Under Orion Pendant is about evolving the Heart of Consciousness and its extension above the brain-mind. What the Dolphin Energy reminds us to be, is happy and responsible for energy and feeling, discovering the humour of existence, which is the freedom from the implications of all that is ‘arising’. By restoring humour, which is the form of Reality beyond all mortal-seriousness, we are freed from the implications of all that is arising. We are lifted into a lightness of being, while remaining as ‘conscious understanding’.


Sweet Point Pendant Alchymie

Sweet Point Pendant
Available in 9ct. y/g or w/g flower-petalled cap with a green liquid-filled glass ball.
$300 AUD

The Story…
Like the Phoenix bird, which once dead arises alive and renewed from the ashes, this Energy moves to inspire a reawakening of the form into the Divine Light.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…
“All forces and motions, in order to interact with a certain object, have to meet a perfect balance to maintain equilibrium. That perfect point of balance is the sweet pivotal point. If that point wasn’t attained you couldn’t make use of all the forces, they would collapse in upon the object. All the forces have to be perfectly in sync. As the body-mind is a series of energy bodies, there is a perfect point that can be attained with the Alchymie that brings balance and renewal to all the energy bodies under the demand and forces of ordinary life – the pulls and pushes.”

The Sweet Point Pendant…
Emerald green in colour, this Pendant has a wonderful energy designed to allow the resurrection of our energy field over time and also to allow us the time and space for the contemplation of the true significance of human existence, which is the transcendence of self. It brings about balance and a reawakening of Divine Light at the gross-vital level.

Specification: yellow gold flower-petalled cap with a green liquid-filled glass ball.

Maha Pendant
Available in y/g or w/g 9ct. gold flower-petalled cap with a light green liquid-filled glass ball.
$300 AUD

The Story… There exists a field of energy around the body with many layers – the auric extension of our form. Obstructed or negative energies and conditions that enter our field are a ‘block’ to the flow of life force or life current. Within the Alchymeic principles, negative conditions and even negative responses to the living process can be dissolved by the stable presence of life-positive energy.

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared… “Maha is about transmuting the communicated negativity that enters into and around our form. Maha is seen as an Energy which shoots through ‘life’, like an arrow through an apple, clearing negative aspects, moving to lift the individual into a higher ‘functional’ dimension. We are surrounded by a gold circle with many colours flashing through it.”

The Maha Pendant… Maha is a life-positive Energy intended to transmute negative conditions whilst moving to lift the individual to a greater functional capacity. This Pendant holds a protective field of Energy, inviting anything negative within this field to be transmuted. For added focus, touch the Maha pendant with the intention of purifying the environment or some event. This can be sufficient to negate the impact of the surrounding condition.



Touching Light Pendant
Available in 9ct. w/g or y/g
$300 AUD

The Story…
The ‘usual’ point of view is dominated by the sense of vision and in this domination, our fascination with vision tends to crush all the other senses.
In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine vision appeared…
“A circle of hands appears out of the Divine Light coming in to touch and hold the field in the embrace of eternal nourishment, allowing us to trust and receive the Divine Current and re- awaken us to the gnosis that we are eternally loved and always already sustained – a matter we have forgotten here. Learning to yield to the greater process is the Alchymie, is the transformation, is the invitation. Touch in the most ordinary sense is a whole body sensory involvement, and as a whole body involvement we are dissolved beyond the shock of being self-conscious about our boundary into the true form of no centre, no boundary. Thus, we can psychically feel or ‘see’ other things and beings, including apparent inanimate beings and come to know them intimately as our own being. We might, therefore, touch a plant and feel deep into its nature or touch a book and know intimately its content and so on.”

The Touching Light Pendant…
The contemplation of Touching Light invites us beyond our ‘usual’ encapsulation into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Our true form of consciousness is being alive as all of this apparent world. Involving ourselves with the Energy of Touching Light evolves us to this true form of consciousness.