Noah’s Ark Pet Pendant

Available in two sizes: small and large.
Price: Small $75.00 aud Large $90.00 aud .
Noah’s Ark as we all know was a way given to Noah by God
of ensuring the survival of many species of animals in the
time of a catastrophic flood. The Energy, Noah’s Ark is made
especially to serve all manner of animals who are suffering.
Of course since humans are also animals, the Noah’s Ark Energy
also applies to them, especially if they have a broken wing.
The Noah’s Ark has an extended energy field in order to
serve the environment of the animal(s).
Noah’s Ark psychically protects the animal, especially
wild animals from the shock of their contact with humans.
Noah’s Ark charm can serve animals well by placing it
on their collar or tapping it to the drinking water.
Specifications: The Noah’s Ark charm is made of brass
and includes a diamond.
“My cat, “White socks” has had a Noah’s Ark Pendant for a year now. I remember the day it arrived in the post. I held it in front of her and instantly she started rubbing her self against it,meowing and purring. She had a recognition that it was for her and she seemed to feel the pendant would be good for her. We had lost our other cat to cancer 8 months prior and obviously after being with him for 14 years she was missing him and grieving for him. This pendant, when I put it on her collar seemed to lift her out of her sadness. She is now in her 16th year and she seems very fit and healthy. She has a very shiny coat and she seems to be a very happy cat. This pendant is so special for her.”  Clare Bates –  Brisbane, Australia