Alchymie and Embroidery Symbolism

So, it followed that I had been immersed in the creation of Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece hair garlands and the pendant for a few years (Go here for more on that product line.) and thus this new Excelsis Line incorporates the merging of the Golden Fleece current and logo along with the Crimson Clover current and logo.

All Excelsis Products have a Special touch and feel…

There is a special touch given to the Excelsis products, which can be felt…
Each item is alchymeically imbued. This radiant current is a cosmic manifestation of life-positive, transformative energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing.
Each Excelsis product has two specially designed gold threaded embroidery images, these carry a special symbolism that come together to represent Excelsis.


 The image of the Golden Fleece signifies Abundance and Enlightenment, a Gift of Grace.


Clover is a trifoliate form and in ancient Alchymeic literature symbolised the Trinity. The Crimson Clover, signifies the Trinity, the Dawn of a New Age, emerging beyond our dark history.

“Alchymie is indivisible, whole and transcendental…
a mystical transformation of celestial proportions…” 


Alchymeically Imbued

The Alchymeic Imbuement

A unique feature to all of our products is the Alchymie.

The Alchymeic Imbuement is a Divine process, a radiant current, a cosmic manifestation of life-positive transformative energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing. It is something you feel beyond mind or reason. Each product line has it’s own story.

Alchymie is indivisible, whole and transcendental…
a mystical transformation of celestial proportions.

The capacity to Alchymeically Imbue these different products with a transformative, life-positive current of energy is a unique and specialised function involving an actual adept and intimate involvement with the Divine Domain in order to produce the wonder of mystical purposeful productions. There is not an atom of chemistry involved. It is a prayerful contemplation. Unlike science, which breaks things down into their parts, Alchymie is holistic, where holistic is taken to mean the whole individual and the environment they live in. Alchymie involves the transmutation of matter.

 We spell the word Alchymie, not Alchemy so as not to confuse it with the chemical associations ‘Alchemy’ has attracted over time and to reflect our association with the word as a living process of esoteric transformation, a uniquely human art leading to enlightenment. 


Hermetic – Alchymeic

The origins of Alchemy are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), developed the Alchymeic process known as Hermetic or Hermetic Science and wrote the Emerald Tablet. Upon this Emerald Tablet, Hermes inscribed his famous observation ‘As Above, So Below’, meaning that which is Below corresponds to that which is Above and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the apprehension of the miracle of oneness, not two. This statement is the key to living Alchymie, where ultimately the Divine current is realised as our living form. Thus the Alchymie we are referring to is part of the Hermetic tradition, yet utterly different from commonplace understanding.

All products are Alchymeically Imbued by the most panegyric Gnostic science of Hermes Trismegistus.


The Key to a Holistic Lifestyle

The key to a holistic lifestyle is that of moral responsibility toward all that is, which amounts to respect to all forms of life. ‘All that is’, is reality, we cannot have an exploitive style towards reality; reality must be approached through the loving art, not the dalek invasion. We must love in and through all that we do, accent on must. We cannot fail in this regard. Clearly we can add many aspects to our respect to ‘all that is’, which include the stalwarts* of yoga, meditation and the avatar of what is.

 * Stalwarts refer to the solid and reliable things that we can always fall back on.


The Invitation

On this website and through the various links and portals there is an array of products available to support you in creating a holistic lifestyle.

Note that Harvard Business School has declared,

“meditation and intuition are the two most valuable

executive tools for the 21st century.”



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