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Please send me an email if you are interested, prior to details being posted.

Functioning Truly In The Manifest World
For those ready to engage the Hermetic Alchymeic Energies in alignment to manifesting in our everyday life, bringing Heart alignment to our daily movements and personal interactions, invoking Divine Inspiration and Abundance.

If you:
* Hold a job…
* Run a business…
* Deal with a financial management and taxes…
* Negotiate contracts and legal matters…
* Travel through business…
* Communication through blogs, editorials and the like…
* Hold a website and interact with the computer and the growing world of technology…
* engage marketing or communicate via phone, computer or face to face interactions…

* Need motivation and direction…

This workshop maybe just what you’ve been waiting for.

Please make contact if you are interested:
It is a full day event from 10am to 4pm in Tyalgum, NSW.
Swooning in the Infinite Divine with the Angels

When: Saturday October 11th 2014
Time: 10am to 3pm (NSW time)
Where: Medicine Wheel, Shop 1/84 Jonson Street,
Byron Bay, NSW  2481
Cost: $150
RSVP: Confirmation and prior payment required. Space limited.

You are invited to experience a day ‘Swooning In The Infinite Divine’ with Angels and Archangels. Take this moment to step out of the maelstrom of daily life and commune with the Archangels – replenish and align to the Infinite Divine. Surrender to the all-pervading Love Bliss and emerge again renewed as Divine agency.

We shall be engaging Angel Energies…
The potency of this workshop will be felt and invoked with Alchymeic Energies – the Angel Vials and Wands ground these Divine messengers in a most profound way – ‘As Above, So Below’.
These Alchymeic Angel Energies bring the Angel realm much closer, dissolving the boundaries and veils between our realm and theirs. They want to lift us to a higher vibration, intensifying our vibratory current and helping us to ground and stabilise the Light with great veracity.

Archangels we will be getting in touch with:
Archangel Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Ariel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Azrael, Jophiel, Haniel, Raziel, Raguel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel and many more Angels. So if you have ever been touched by an Angel or not, this is a moment that can bring you into contact with these beloved beings that are available to help us along the way.

Hoping that you can create this time to join us!

Spring Energy Spa Workshop

Join us for a whole day, whole body Energy Spa Workshop at the

Garden of Light in Tyalgum. 

Hosted by representatives of local holistic business to help you discover the spiritual essence of longevity.

When: Saturday the 17th of September


Time: 9am – 5pm at Garden Of Light – Tyalgum, NSW


Cost: $85 + $15 for an organic raw food lunch and tasty refreshments.


RSVP: By next Thursday September 15th. Theme on 0400345148 or Clover on 0400418214 or email to reserve your spot for the day!


This day is about nourishment and the celebration of life, love and beauty.

It is also about inviting you to reclaim a moment to rebalance, refocus and restore – be whole-bodily nurtured. It involves yoga, meditation, energy work, organic skin care and raw wholesome food.


We will equip you with simple holistic practices to incorporate into your daily activities that revitalise the body and spirit and can assist you in maintaining balance and equanimity in the face of daily challenges.

Our health and wellbeing all depend upon the universal life-force current freely flowing through our whole body. Where there are energy blocks to this natural flow of current, enervation and toxicity occur, the precursors to ageing and disease.

All activities in our Spring Energy Spa help to release energy blockages and support the evolution of your conductivity of the life-force, thus enhancing your overall wellbeing and clarity.

For some participants, this day will be about learning to feel oneself as energy and to become sensitive to one’s energy field. For other’s more experienced in this practice, this day is about renewing and falling deeper into the feeling remembrance of our inherent Heart Radiance.

Delight in how good you feel when the life-force is flowing freely through your form and your natural state of equanimity and bliss is restored!

Bring a friend with you, and receive an organic gift valued at $35.

Hope that you will join us!

Theme & Clover
25 Coolman Street, Tyalgum  NSW 2484  Australia


Read further to find out more about a few of the activities to expect…

·      The day begins with the Heart of Space, evolutionary Energy products that clear us and the greater environment from obstructions to the flow of life-force and align us to our greatest possibility.

·      We will then gather for Alchymeic Yoga. We shall participate in the ‘secret to the fountain of youth’ – Five simple yoga postures practiced for 1000’s of years, and suitable for any age.

·      We shall enjoy breathing exercises with Energy Products to feed our cellular life… the key to longevity. Breathing is the most primary of all forms of nourishment. Discover the subtle form of energy called prana.

·      A healthy organic lifestyle has many benefits, not the least of which is the avoidance of toxins, which are obviously not of the light!  On this day, you will be nourished, uplifted and hopefully inspired with Organic Energy imbued products and practices.

·      Keeping our skin, the largest organ of our body, healthy is key to our continued health and wellbeing.  We will re-energise our skin allowing the radiance of the heart to shine through as true beauty.

·      Many moments of meditation –  discovering that Happiness is the form of Real meditation. We will locate the state that is sought after through various mediation techniques and demonstrate how it can be realised without effort.

·      Chakra Balancing and Massage – key bodywork practices for a healthy life. You’ll be shown how to align these important energy centres of your body and energise your meridians.

·      Lunch will be a creative and delicious presentation by Kirra Springs, our raw food expert and creator of the successful blog Carrot Heaven!

·      Much more… to be discovered by attending!