About the Sessions…
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SESSION OPTIONS  – This area has a lot more additions coming to it. Please email if you have questions.
* Personalised one-on-one Alchymeic Stargate Session – This is the usual session approach, and from here sessions below can be suggested.

* Cleansing & clearing of psychic auric field allowing greater clarity, freedom & inspiration.  (This requires a 3 or 6 session series.)

* Heart nourishment and restoration – breaking the cycle of stress chemistry

* Creating Sanctuary at home or work with Living Feng Shui  (The Bright Room Energy House)

* Awakening your Intuition and Psychic Capacity

* Abundance and Business guidance

* Heartfelt Relationships and Communication

* Chakra & Auric Colour Balancing

* Octahedron Bodywork

* Alchymeic Astrology alignment

*Alchymeic Personal Numerology reading

*Alchymeic Tarot card reading

*Angels and Archangel guidance and support

*Long distance absentee sessions

From me to you: Follow your heart and remember your true hearts desire. Have a willingness to yield up old structures and be ready to see what blocks or unconscious patterns are standing in your way of being your greatest possibility. Engaging the Energies for me is always nourishing and liberating. In Truth we only appear as a pattern within the total pattern of relations, therefore what is witnessed to us is how we know ourselves. I am just the witness.

Introductory Session to Hermetic Alchymie

Length of visit is 45 minutes

$75 (Includes Elan Vital Disc & Booklet or Hearts Aflame Disc)
$60 (If already have Elan Vital and Hearts Aflame Disc)

I’ll guide you through an introductory experience to the Alchymeic Energies. A beautiful moment given to receive, experience and engage many of the Transformative Energies available. You’ll receive an Energy called Elan Vital and/or Hearts Aflame to take away with you to continue to engage.

I’ll take you through how to engage the Energies, witness this for you and suggest further guidance from what I witness and see psychically.
This can take place in person or via phone/skype, once you receive one of the products. (postage cost not included.)

Personalised Alchymie Session

This session is focused on supporting your spiritual transformation and growth with the use of the Stargate Box* and Threshold Pack* Vial Energies. This session may be focused to transform whatever is revealed in the session or you may have a particular focus regarding a particular circumstance in your life. These sessions unfold to utilize many of the Alchymeic Energies, sometimes incorporating Angelic Energies… You’ll receive certain Energies through feeling and holding through your hands and drink water imbued with these Energies and some Energies may be used around and on areas of your body/auric field.

Here is just one Vial in the Threshsold Pack – Primary Heart Energy – The current of this Energy invites pure heart nourishment to flood the heart centre. “Love is the food of the Heart”. Bringing energy and feeling to one another means we are participants as love, as energy and not withholding love with a contraction in the heart. We bring energy and feeling to one another through conductivity of the life-force and real enthusiasm, full of interest and love. We are always confessed, as “I love you”.
Long distance healing can take place while we are off the phone.
I require your name, address, birthdate and your purpose for the session. Possible questions and directions you are considering and I’ll set a time block of when it will happen and you can tune in and receive. I’ll engage the Stargate Box with intuited Energies I’ll select specific to your circumstance and I’ll use tarot cards giving reflection into questions and areas requiring penetration and reflection. I’ll send you an email on what was revealed.

*The Stargate Boxes offer infinite possibilities. It holds the Alchymeic intention of allowing us to work with combinations of Energies for our own transformation or to intentionalise these Energies anywhere we choose, which may include to other people, places, animals, circumstances and situations. The Stargate Box is used by selecting Vials or Wands and placing them on the “I’m Here” side. On the “I’m There” side is where we place your hand, a written intention, an object or a photograph of a person or place we wish to receive the Energies.

To assist in reception of receiving the Energies we place your hand directly on the Stargate Box while also placing a glass of water on the “I’m There” side for a moment after which you drink this imbued water with the specified focus of intention. This can help embody and ground the intention.

*The Threshold Packs
Every Vial in the Threshold Pack is a wonderful particular moment of Divine communion. It is the Perfect Prayer. Each Vial has a particular focus of intention that invites us beyond our present destiny, our gravity of attachment to the earthly plane, so that we soar in wonder, in amazement, in delight, to where the Beloved holds us fast in forever. Each Pack holds the keys for unlocking the psyche of where humankind has forgotten the vision of God and become locked into identification with the born destiny.

Clearing Your Psychic Field & getting in touch with your life’s passion

This session requires that you purchase the Psychic Clearing Collection. In the session we’ll go through each Energy in this Collection witnessing your reception and guiding you to future engagement with the Energies. This group of Energies is one of the first recommended Collections to engage and Energies I still use today. They are intended to purify, lift and transform lifetimes of psychic junk, subtle influences and the day-to-day barrage of living. Through this clearing, it can create space and clarity for our true passions and talents we are gifted with to bring forth to the world. We can become more refined and in tune with what we truly in our feeling centre rather than feeling clouded by the pushes and pulls of

Session One – I’ll go through each of the Energies in the Psychic Clearing Collection as you receive each ‘clearing’, giving you relevant feedback or reflection.

Session Two –
Revealing and further purification of what surfaced after drinking and engaging the collection of Energies since the last session. We may need to further bring energy to areas that arose for you around specific things that surfaced. Then we’ll go through a series of Energies: Touching Light, Clairvision – “I see, it’s all crystal clear now.”, Nuclear TrackerPinocchio Transformation PujaQuantum VacuumTell Me AllClairvoyanceClairaudienceClairsentience and Auric Wonder – “The transformative help of the ‘Gold Vibration’, which is about assimilation, vitality and building strength. This Energy is ‘huge’ and appears as a doorway to a greater dimension of existence projected out through the Heart. Within the tradition of Alchymie, Gold is the sign of completion or Enlightenment, and so the greater destiny spoken of here is the ‘conscious awakening’ or the transmutation of the grosser elements into the ‘Gold’ of Enlightenment.”
Session Three – Is moving as response to what is revealed once again through the last sessions. I’ll ask you to journal or take time before the final session to write down things that are arising, needs, wants, desires, difficulties…. Articulating freely what is your heartfelt intention and request of matters to be transformed.