Session Pricing

General Session Pricing:
First Sessions in person or over phone or Skype – Two Options:
1st Option:
 If you have never experienced a session with me before or with the Alchymeic Energies and you would like to have an introductory experience with an array of different Energies and have brief explanations of this modality you can book a 45 min session, which is simply experiential. You will also receive an Elan Vital Disc that you can take away with you and continue engaging.
Cost: $75 AUD plus shipping of the Elan Vital Disc to you if not in person.

2nd Option:  This is also a first session which is a focused session about your needs and spiritual alignment. These first sessions require 90 minutes. Cost: $170 AUD (Includes an Elan Vital Disc) Note if this is a phone/Skype session you’ll need to pay for postage of at least an Elan Vital Disc before our session. There will also be a questionnaire and form to sign before our session.

For those that have had Sessions with me before, these are the Standard Session Prices if not deciding to do a package price (See below for package pricing):
One Hour Session: $115 AUD
90 minutes: $165 AUD
Two Hour Session: $210 AUD
All additional time is $25 for fifteen-minute blocks.
Discount pricing below in packages.
Concession pricing available for a couple people each month at 20% off.
If these pricing are not affordable to you I can send you other options of attending group sessions.

(Please be specific in the length of session you would like, or if you are open to the length of time that unfolds.)

Specialty Packages Available:
* These packages are going to be modifying throughout the next few months. My intention is to support people who are ready to go through a series of sessions.
*There is specific products that are recommended in each package.
*It is important to continue with follow-up to assist and support your passage of change, transition and transformation.
*Once you have engaged with the Alchymeic Energies there may be opportunities to be invited to special on-line and in person group sessions and workshops available to you.

6 week package –
3 Session Series (Scheduled once a week or once a fortnight.)
3 x 1 hour sessions: $300 AUD
3 x 90 minute sessions in paid in advance: $440 AUD

60 day acceleration package – 6 Session Series –
Each session approx. 90 mins in length and additional support throughout 6-week period that can be outlined through enquiry.
6 Sessions –over 2 months: $841 AUD

Required products are disclosed as a package price and these are outlined when the style of session series is decided on.

90 day gold package – MORE DETAILS COMING….

Specific Product Enquiry: Email enquires are welcome free of charge.

If you are interested in group sessions – Workshops, Events & Phone conference calls please enquire.