Excelsis Bath Robes are delicious to behold as it touches one’s skin.

“To be wrapped in this robe when you’re wet and cold
is to be held in a golden cocoon.
One can scarcely imagine what blissful creature
might emerge from such a cocoon.”

The production of the organic bath robe came through in 2011 along with the bath towels. The design and holding of Excelsis business takes place in Northern NSW Australia. The organic cotton was grown and manufactured in India through fair and ethical commerce. These Excelsis products are Certified Organic by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), from field to the finished garment. What you will find here is a limited edition of products and once they are sold that will be the end of this exact product line.

There are under 5 robes left. (Although there will be some form of Excelsis products available in the future it is unlikely to ever be this form for a long time.)

Organic Bath Robe:   $165 AUD

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Product Details:

  • This Excelsis spa-style bathrobe is made from soft, luxurious organic cotton towelling, naturally whitened in colour, with a 650 gsm weight that gives it a fullness.
  • Each robe has a Golden Fleece embroidered on the front and a Crimson Clover embroidered on the back.
  • The quality of cotton is exquisite and the absorbency is excellent.
  • They come in one generous size that fits most.
  • There are two side pockets and a belt for closure and to adjust sizing and sleeves that can be rolled up or down depending on arm length.
  • The body length falls at mid-calf for most.

“Feel the embrace in your first encounter,
sure to be a favourite that you’ll enjoy lounging
in before bedtime and on relaxing mornings.”