Pascallie with Excelsis Towel

Excelsis Bath Towels


The towels are delicious to behold as they touch one’s skin.

To be wrapped in a towel when you’re wet and cold is to be held in a
golden cocoon.

One can scarcely imagine what blissful creature might emerge from such
a cocoon.

Come quickly get your piece of this beauty before they are all gone.

Do not miss out or your deliciousness shall still be waiting when the crowd is already gone.

Don’t doubt we deliver.

Pascallie holding Excelsis towel up
excelsis towels

Towels available:

Face Washer – 30cm x 30 cm  (weight gsm 450)   
$28 AUD
(Only a few left – available for those who purchase two sets or more.)

Hand Towel –  50cm x 90 cm – Generously large size
(weight gsm 650) Original price $42, Reduced to make it more afffordable: $28 AUD

Also used as:
* A Yoga Towel over your bolster.
* At the Gym & Pilates on the equipment and when you sweat.
* Large enough for medium length hair to use as a hair wrap.
* Over your pillow if your hair is wet.
* In your bed to place over your head and eyes if it is cold and/or to shade your eyes from the light.

* Also use over your head when receiving the steam from herbs, flowers or essential oils through inhaling and for your skin.
* Handy to travel with.  

Bath Towel –  90cm x 135cm (weight gsm 650)   $68 AUD

To purchase go HERE for Hand & HERE for Bath Towels. 

What does GSM mean?
GSM is a commonly used scale for fabric weight. GSM = grams per square meter. It is a metric measurement. It will give an indication of the thickness of a fabric, yet this doesn’t tell the quality of the fabric, only that it is thicker if it is 650 gsm vs. 450 gsm being thinner.

“Feel at first touch,
your Excelsis towels are sure to be ones you’ll favour
time after time.

Once you nestle yourself in these towels,
you may find it hard to settle for a substitute.”

What you will find here are of limited numbers products, so once they are sold that will be the end of this exact product line. 

Care Instructions: Gentle cold wash with ‘Earth friendly products’ and like colours. Use natural oxygen whitener if needed, not bleach. Line dry if possible in sunshine.
If you’d like to read more on care instructions go HERE.

Towel Packaging: Each towel comes packaged in a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fitted bag that is compostable and reusable. A handy bag to reuse for so many different things.

Product Details:
100% Certified Organic Cotton Towels (GOTS)
Excelsis bath linen is made from soft, luxurious organic cotton towelling, naturally whitened in colour. The quality of cotton is exquisite, super absorbent wash after wash – twill double sided weave. Each piece has two beautifully gdetailed gold embroider logos called:
The Crimson Clover and The Golden Fleece.

The design and holding of Excelsis products is in Australia, while the organic cotton was grown and manufactured in India through fair and ethical commerce. These Excelsis towels are Certified Organic by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), from field to the finished garment. This also certifies that the workers made a living wage in healthy working conditions.


Feel the infinite current – an indescribable experiential moment.

An Energetic Current of Bliss!

The Merging of Golden Fleece with The Crimson Clover symbol
to create Excelsis products 

All Excelsis Products have a Special touch and feel…

Each item is alchymeically imbued. This radiant current is a cosmic manifestation of life-positive, transformative energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing.

Each Excelsis product has two specially designed gold threaded embroidery images, these carry a special symbolism.


The image of the Golden Fleece signifies abundance and enlightenment,
A Gift of Grace.


The Crimson Clover, signifies the Trinity and the dawning of a New Age, emerging beyond all the poison and death of our dark history.

“Alchymie is indivisible, whole and transcendental…
a mystical transformation of celestial proportions…” 

white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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