I have used my Exelsis bedsheets pretty much continuously for about 10 years now. I wash them, dry them and put them on again, as I love them 😍! Still so soft, they feel like home 🥰….

Phoenicia - Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

These are the most comfortable, durable, and breathable sheets I’ve owned. They’re crisp, breathable, and softer than most sheets I’ve slept on. They get softer with every wash. The beautiful gold stitching detail and symbolism and intent in these sheets are just divine. I also recommend the towel sets, very absorbent with high end cotton used in all the Excelsis products. 
https://teresasophiarose.com – Akashic Elightenment Reader & Teacher 

Teresa Sophia Rose - Tucson, Arizona USA

Seriously loving these towels.

These Excelsis towels are so lovely. Easily the best I’ve ever used. Beautiful, soft absorbent, generous size – so luxurious. Thank you, in love and appreciation, Shekanah 

Shekanah. – Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

I am a long time admirer of the excelsis range and i can tell you they feel as soft, beautiful and luxurious as they look….
The robe is a generous, soft embrace after bathing and the quality and integrity that they have been made with reassures me i can look forward to enjoying them for a long time.

💗 Linda

Linda L. - Fingal Head, NSW Australia

Gorgeous cotton, soft and luxurious, these towels make me feel pampered every day. I have every item available. I love this product line so much I bought another set of bed sheets and towels to make sure I have a new set for my new bed coming soon and back up for years. 

Erin Sharkey – Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

I never knew “towels” could be such a conductor of Divine Light Energy! And the sheets…Oh! And the love…sublime. With deep gratitude, Robert
Author of Love Is The Power: Moving Humanity from Fear To Love.

Robert Williams – California, USA

Sleeping bliss from organic Excelsis!
Wow, bed sheets that feel as soft as silk, with a radiant glow as if white as milk,

Strangely, I now look forward to being really tired, because upon awakening I feel so inspired, deep rested as if in divine embrace.
With the Excelsis pillowcase so soft on the face, what on earth was that I was just dreaming?
For when awakening there’s a glow like beaming, Not only do they bring such a lovely delight, but in the morning I feel alive & bright,
Were these bedsheets from heavenly angels made? What a bargain for the small money paid!
After experiencing the amazing sheets on the bed, and feeling the uplift way beyond the head, I just knew the towels I just had to buy, They are super absorbent, making the skin feel soft & dry,
So now I look forward to having a shower, For its as if the body can feel an enlivening power,
How can this be? Is this just a jesting ruse? It’s true, Excelsis is the best towel I ever did use!

Ivor Noble – Sydney, NSW Australia

I love my ‘flying carpet’ yoga mat and Excelsis organic cotton sheets – couldn’t be without them now.


Theme Rains – Byron Shire, NSW Australia
Synthesis Organics Skin Care Company


Excelsis testimonial

I love my Excelsis Towel! It is the best towel I have ever owned, it really needs to be felt to believe how pure, absorbent and nourishing it feels to wrap around after a bath/shower, aaaaaaaaaah Bliss!

V.F. – Northern NSW Australia