I have used my Exelsis bedsheets pretty much continuously for about 10 years now. I wash them, dry them and put them on again, as I love them 😍! Still so soft, they feel like home 🥰….

Phoenicia - Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

Seriously loving these towels.

These Excelsis towels are so lovely. Easily the best I’ve ever used. Beautiful, soft absorbent, generous size – so luxurious. Thank you, in love and appreciation, Shekanah 

Shekanah. – Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

I am a long time admirer of the excelsis range and i can tell you they feel as soft, beautiful and luxurious as they look….
The robe is a generous, soft embrace after bathing and the quality and integrity that they have been made with reassures me i can look forward to enjoying them for a long time.

💗 Linda

Linda L. - Fingal Head, NSW Australia

Gorgeous cotton, soft and luxurious, these towels make me feel pampered every day. I have every item available. I love this product line so much I bought another set of bed sheets and towels to make sure I have a new set for my new bed coming soon and back up for years. 

Erin Sharkey – Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

I never knew “towels” could be such a conductor of Divine Light Energy! And the sheets…Oh! And the love…sublime. With deep gratitude, Robert
Author of Love Is The Power: Moving Humanity from Fear To Love.

Robert Williams – California, USA

Sleeping bliss from organic Excelsis!
Wow, bed sheets that feel as soft as silk, with a radiant glow as if white as milk,

Strangely, I now look forward to being really tired, because upon awakening I feel so inspired, deep rested as if in divine embrace.
With the Excelsis pillowcase so soft on the face, what on earth was that I was just dreaming?
For when awakening there’s a glow like beaming, Not only do they bring such a lovely delight, but in the morning I feel alive & bright,
Were these bedsheets from heavenly angels made? What a bargain for the small money paid!
After experiencing the amazing sheets on the bed, and feeling the uplift way beyond the head, I just knew the towels I just had to buy, They are super absorbent, making the skin feel soft & dry,
So now I look forward to having a shower, For its as if the body can feel an enlivening power,
How can this be? Is this just a jesting ruse? It’s true, Excelsis is the best towel I ever did use!

Ivor Noble – Sydney, NSW Australia

I love my ‘flying carpet’ yoga mat and Excelsis organic cotton sheets – couldn’t be without them now.


Theme Rains – Byron Shire, NSW Australia
Synthesis Organics Skin Care Company


Excelsis testimonial

I love my Excelsis Towel! It is the best towel I have ever owned, it really needs to be felt to believe how pure, absorbent and nourishing it feels to wrap around after a bath/shower, aaaaaaaaaah Bliss!

V.F. – Northern NSW Australia