About Excelsis

About Us

In November 2010 Excelsis Organics emerged as a subsidiary company under Wild Fire Spins The Gold Marketing. Excelsis Organics owns and manages the four main product lines: Excelsis, The Flying Carpet Yoga Mat, The Happy Cushion and Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece. Each product line has its own story emerging out of an impulse to create products that would be nourishing and supportive to a holistic lifestyle.

The name Excelsis is to mean the grandest, the pinnacle of its kind. The logo is the merging of two fractalisers representing the Alchymeic current of ‘As Above, So Below’ where heaven and earth dissolve beyond all duality.

The Vision
We envisioned bringing products to you that are life-supportive, instilling a brightness of being. Creating space for conscious awakening and heart remembrance.

  • We offer Certified Organic, sustainable and fair trade products that uphold detailed social criteria wherever possible.
  • We believe it is a moral imperative to support business enterprises that are beyond all levels of exploitation.
  • We feel it is important to move globally and cooperatively as unity consciousness, utilising the uniqueness of what everyone has to offer.
  • We strive to bring feeling and integrity to every level of our business.
  • We are always open to new, innovative and positive changes to our multi-faceted levels of commerce.

You Are Important To Us
Be the conscious consumer. Be the positive catalyst that ignites the change and awareness of what needs to change.
Our actions, our choices, our demonstration makes a difference. Love is action. Have the intensity and courage to bring enquiry, consideration, action and enthusiasm to life and living. We make the difference.
There is a call to humanity; there is an obligation right now upon humanity,
a plea to the hearts of all to wake up and make a stand. Time has run out,
the consequences of our actions are before us.
Every action has a consequence, be it positive or negative.

What Makes Us Different
A unique feature to all our products is the Alchymie. The Alchymeic Imbuement is a life-positive blessing. It is something you can feel and sense beyond mind or reason. Each product line has it’s own story.