Excelsis Organics is highlighting for you, a collective of our four unique product lines presented below:

Excelsis – This product line is currently organic bed sheets,  bath towels and bathrobes.

“More than Organic, More than Natural, More than this! – An Energetic Current of Bliss!”

Excelsis bed linen is made from organic cotton fabric with a 250+ thread count. This standard brings the ultimate in quality, combining luxury with durability. This beautiful fabric has a creamy white appearance and is soft and silky to the touch.

The Happy Cushion

The Happy Cushion can be used for formal seated meditation or many other sitting moments; in your lounge room, at your office chair, at the dining room table, in your car, or travelling on a plane.

Flying Carpet Yoga Mat

A traditional yoga mat made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton grown and hand-loom stitched in India in a fair and ethical community. The creation, design and embroidery takes place in Australia.

Golden Fleece
Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece hand-made hair Garlands & Alchymeically imbued gold Golden Fleece Pendants.