I had Clover come over to my house and business to offer her Feng Shui service as well as use her alchemy house. In my business I was very fearful of losing clients or giving bad service. I was full of self-doubt and totally lacked any motivation to get any work done in my reception area. I felt really foggy and blocked. Talking with Clover I was reminded of two really upsetting events that had happened in my reception area. Just being reminded them was enough, but using her little alchemy house made me feel so reassured. The clinic space has a totally different vibe now and I have no trouble getting my work done. My clinic has also gotten really successful and I feel so relaxed and at ease there. Clients just come in to sit and relax sometimes. Clover has a truly unique and personal approach to Fengshui that I’d never experience before with a magical touch that’s effects last long after her last visit. Highly recommend if you want a successful and peaceful life that supports you.

Alexandra Yates

Owns Anchor Health Clinic & specialises in Acupunture in Palm Beach, QLD Australia, https://anchorhealthclinic.com.au

Clover came to us at a time when I had been having a protracted period of slow business and financial stress. I had long wished to ‘Feng Shui’ our home, so Clover came along at the perfect time (so it always goes). Clover was warm and earnest in her person, and gave us an insightful explanation of our home’s current strengths and weaknesses in accordance to Feng Shui principals, and how those issues were contributing to my business woes.  Clover then provided us with an extensive list of ideas based on her thorough knowledge of the subject, intuition, and a little bit of home design flair, that ranged from easy cures to bigger reno tasks. She gave clear instruction of what changes we should make first to yield the greatest results in all areas, but with my home business most in mind. Although the list was long, it did not feel overwhelming; rather something to be taken step-by-step in order to yield a free flow of energy that was more supportive of money, love, and family. As we have worked through things (and we still have many tasks to go) we immediately felt a shift and lightening of energy in our home – things simply felt better.  It has been around 4 weeks since we have begun this process and business has now picked up, and I have manifested an opportunity to work away from home in a clinic that fully supports my dreams and has the potential for cash flow that doubles my current income.  As an added bonus our relationship is improving, and life is overflowing with opportunity. We will be working toward improving the Feng Shui of our home for some time to come, based on Clover’s assessment, and I am so excited about how things will feel and life will change as we do.  I am very grateful to Clover for the insight and knowledge she has shared with us, it has been so very worthwhile and such a gift.

Tanya Kane

Banora Point, NSW Australia, Blissful Being Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine