The initial inspiration for the Fractaliser was in the United States one evening in the late 90’s at Barnes & Noble amongst the psychic pressure of people and books.

“If we could fractalise all this human thought, that would negate it’s rational structure, by turning all of it into fractals. Negate the usual rational thought that attempts to ‘hack’ into our minds and we can sit amongst all these books without any fear of having our minds ‘hacked’.”

The Fractaliser – Based on the proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza
The Fractaliser represents the awakening to Higher Consciousness, or the evolution of Higher Mind. In true spiritual awakening we are returned to our inherent disposition of Heart, where the body and the mind are alive as a feeling dimension.

If we consider everyone’s constant thinking as an energetic stream of communication, then we can imagine the impact of 7 billion people’s thought forms! The Fractaliser is intended to transform the usual, cramped, thinking processes that have for lifetimes overwhelmed heart feeling, thus allowing space to feel and connect to the Divine.

Further details on its design: The dimensions of the Fractaliser are specifically related to the ‘Great Pyramid’ at Giza. The alchymeic design of the Fractaliser is to intensify the process of awakening to consciousness. Inside the capstone rests a diamond, representing the Divine state, or consciousness itself. Connecting the capstone to the base is the energy of Fractal Earth. This energy is coloured blue at the top and black at the bottom and this current holds the alchymeic intention of grounding the Fractaliser energy into the world. As greater numbers of Fractalisers are placed across the earth plane, may there be a quickening and piercing of the ‘impossiblity thinking’, dissolving a structure of mind and a limitation and fixity that has been so binding across this world, while also providing the sanctuary for real contemplation and growth in God.

“Forgetful of the usual position and usual mentality, with all its sentimentality and reminiscing,
our hopes juxtaposed can float on high, onwards and upwards to the heaven’s of delight.
May we be whisked away, swiftly from the clutches of ‘mad scientists’ and all their ilk
and leave them in their hopeless cosmology of despair.
God Bless all who can run to the delight of this Way.”
Jessa O’ My Heart