Golden Ball Manifestation The Number Four
Specification: yellow gold cap with a gold coloured liquid-filled glass ball.
Cost: $530 AUD

If there is not sufficient to go around it is largely because we are not ‘conducting’ the life-force and so we represent a poverty of ‘energy’. Worrying about anything is not helpful, yet our meditation on the negative tends to bring about the negative condition. Abundance could easily be granted by simply exploring our responsibility for conductivity of the life-force, wherein the karma of poverty could be forever dissolved.

“Golden balls of light were given out of the subtle realms of the Divine. They were literally balls of initiatory manifesting current which is the intention held with the creation of this Energy. Contemplate in the mind’s eye a vision of what it is you wish to create. Allow this Energy to purify your heart and mind (manifestation only happens with a pure heart and pure intention). Actualise the vision – allow the vision from the subtle to manifest – feel its tangibility prior to it arriving.”

The power of manifestation; from the subtle to the actual. Allow yourself to align to the cosmic vision, where all things are possible in the Divine. Hold the vision and embody it. Come alive as the manifesting current.