Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece Hair Garlands

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The Golden Fleece range began in 2003 as an inspiration to create exquisite hair accessories, other than what was available.  A beautiful hair piece that feels good, looks good and is actually transforming our hair and our being.

Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece Hair Garlands are about allowing our feminine qualities to blossom and shine – Feel sensuous, happy and free! The 80’s style ‘scrunchie’ is reborn as a ‘Hair Garland’. No mores scrunching our head and hair. Celebrate and show your beauty.  

Each Golden Fleece Hair Garland is Alchymeically Imbued. This current of divine radiance is a showering of light current resting beyond reason. Enjoy each colour and style with their unique quality and presence, may they bring a sweet touch to your daily fashion.


The image of the Golden Fleece signifies abundance and enlightenment,
A Gift of Grace.

Golden Fleece specialises in hair garlands, utilising organic and sustainable fabrics. Unlike what is called a ‘scrunchie’, this product is ‘thrice blessed’, inspiring divine radiance.

The Hair Garlands range in price generally between $8 and $16 AUD Retail.
TO PURCHASE: First go to our public Facebook page and see the current stock. Note, you do not need to have a Facebook page to be able to see the images. Then contact us with your choices. Go here.

We select fabrics that are certified organic materials (e.g. cotton, linen & silk), sustainable materials (e.g. bamboo and hemp) and remnants from off-cuts (e.g. those cuts of fabric that would otherwise be discarded). See individual tags for more description. Most Hair Garlands are unique with slight differing qualities. Due to small runs, there may only be a few of certain styles.
All Golden Fleece Garlands are handmade in Australia.

Special offer
If you provide us with a special cutting of your favourite fabric we’ll make this into a Golden Fleece Garland. (Upon request we’ll give you the details of fabric style and size requirements and the cost, which will range between $20 to $30 AUD per garland.)

Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece pendant was created in 2003 at the same time as the Garlands bringing an intensification of this current whether worn alone or clipped onto the Hair Garlands. See in the photos below. Yet in this way men and women alike can wear a pendant. Though to mention when the Garlands first came out there were a lot of men that were putting a Golden Fleece Garland on their wrists or ankles because they felt so good!