Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece

Within the Alchymeic Tradition,
Gold is the symbol for Enlightenment,
So the search for the Golden Fleece is the search for Enlightenment,
Search being obviously paradoxical,
Since it is a matter of Being, not becoming.


Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece Hair Garlands

The Golden Fleece Pendant
The fable of the Golden Fleece is a complete representation of the Hermetic process and it has been said that those who had this fleece should live in abundance as long as they kept it…and so this alchymeically imbued pendant holds the essence of this legend and symbolism of abundance and grace bestowing this upon the holder. 
a radiant current to awaken and actualise the significance of the hermetic Golden Fleece.

Golden Fleece is one of the symbols denoting the conquest of the impossible and since the sheep is symbolic of innocence and gold represents supreme spirituality and glorification, the Golden Fleece signifies the quest of the Argonauts was for supreme strength of spirit through purity of soul – that quality which distinguished Sir Galahad, the mediaeval Knight of the Holy Grail. Just so, it is one of the most advanced forms within general symbolism for treasure.
(Reference: A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot.)

Enquire for Pricing of the Pendants
This Golden Fleece pendant is solid gold or silver as stated and comes with a clip that can be placed onto any chain – around your neck or on a bracelet.
Silver, 9ct gold, 14ct & 18ct


The Golden Fleece range began in 2003 as an inspiration to create exquisite hair accessories, other than what was available. The vision came and thus was given “Thrice Blessed Golden Fleece”, an alchymeic name that bestowed the imbued blessing. With the first product being the hair garlands, the name garland was given so that, rather than ‘scrunching’ our heads, these beautiful hair garlands may transform our hair and inspire a polarised current where the feminine qualities are able to blossom, shine and emanate.

Each Golden Fleece Hair Garland is Alchymeically Imbued. This current of divine radiance is a showering of light current resting beyond reason. Enjoy each colour and style with their unique quality and presence, may they bring a sweet touch to your daily fashion.

Golden Fleece specialises in hair garlands, utilising organic and sustainable fabrics. Unlike what is called a ‘scrunchie’, this product is ‘thrice blessed’, inspiring divine radiance.

The Hair Garlands range in price between $8 and $16 AUD Retail.

We select fabrics that are certified organic materials (e.g. cotton, linen & silk), sustainable materials (e.g. bamboo and hemp) and remnants from off-cuts (e.g. those cuts of fabric that would otherwise be discarded). See individual tags for more description. Most Hair Garlands are unique with slight differing qualities. Due to small runs, there may only be a few of certain styles.
All Golden Fleece Garlands are handmade in Australia.

Special offer
If you provide us with a special cutting of your favourite fabric we’ll make this into a Golden Fleece Garland.

(Upon request we’ll give you the details of fabric style and size requirements and the cost, which will range between $20 to $30 AUD per garland.)