The Happy Cushion  is a unique gem that resonants at a high vibratory current
to support you into
resting and holding an advanced space of meditation quickly. 

More than just a meditation cushion.

Heavenly Bliss is bliss is the enjoyment discovered
by sitting upon The Happy Cushion.
– It is an indescribable experience –

Have a seat – allow the unobstructed flow of life-force to permeate your being.

The name, ‘The Happy Cushion’ is the recognition that Happiness is our true condition.
The statement that follows in the logo, “Happiness is the form of Real meditation”, is simply the acknowledgement that Happiness is not something that you can attain or rise through various levels to. Happiness is only, no qualifications, no superlatives. There is an invitation to this living current that can be felt through interacting with these products.

The Happy Cushion is used in formal seated meditation and many other sitting moments; in your lounge room, at your office chair, in your car, travelling on a plane, sleeping…  (See the testimonials below for what others have to say about their experience.)  

The Happy Cushion is designed and hand-made in Northern NSW Australia. Loving care goes into the many stages of production to deliver you years of brightness.

There are several different colour combinations and fabrics in the one style and size 38cm x 5.5cm x 26cm.

We use top quality materials and take into account organic eco-principles. Read further for the fabrics and inner filling used. There are two layers to the cushion allowing the outer layer to be removed and hand washed.

This Hermetic Happy Cushion is Alchymeically Imbued* holding an embroidered symbol on the face of the cushion representing the famous statement by Hermes Trismegistus:

‘As Above, So Below’
This statement is the key to living Alchymie, where ultimately the Divine current is realised as our living form. Hermetic is the study of the Art of Hermes Trismegistus, which is called Alchymie.
* The Alchymeic Imbuement is a radiant heart current, a cosmic manifestation of life-positive, transformative Energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing.

THE LOGOS & SYMBOLS that represent The Happy Cushion were given by Divine vision and as with sacred geometry, hold a locus or focus for the Energy.

This symbol is called, ‘As Above, So Below’. This embroidered image on The Happy Cushion represents the merging of the two currents, the ‘ upper coil’* coming together withthe ‘lower coil’* creating the‘Octahedron’* in the centre.

The Alchymeic current of this symbol is about ignit-ing, grounding and actualising something much greater than the born human condition. This is conveyed in the statement ‘As Above, So Below’  where that which is Below corresponds to that which is Above and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the apprehension of the miracle of one, not two.

The Alchymeic transformation is the Divine current animating our living form. This is then depicted by the ‘Octahedron’ represented in the centre of the symbol.
* The Upper Coil is referring to that which is above the brow, the higher mental.
* The Lower Coil is referring to that which is below the brow, the gross-vital form.
* The Octahedron represents the seed of mineral life upon which everything depends. It is the ‘seed’ of all of the plant and animal kingdom and it is empowered by an Alchymeic Energy called Soulfire, the ignition fire that is held intrinsically in the hermetic tool of the Octahedron.

The usual approach to meditation is to engage some method of concentration or visualisation in an attempt to attain some subtle change of state. However, Real meditation is not a mentally performed act motivated through a search for improvement, self-survival, or becoming something else.

Real meditation is simply taking a moment to sit quietly in the present enjoyment of our confession of Happiness and allowing this communion to consume our entire existence. Real meditation is therefore Communion with the Always Already Presence of the Infinite Divine.

The Happy cushion is given to inspire the True practice of meditation, in its fullness,
aligned with the Infinite Divine.

This symbol is called, ‘The Happy Man’
The Happy Man is about instilling and invoking a lightness of being; happy and full, always already. Resting in the blissful Mystery of existence.
Awakening as Divine ignorance.
As we evolve, our relationship to this world becomes Divine disinterest. We are no longer drawn excitedly to the world. We exist as mindless embodiment, which is the disposition of love, transcendent of all reactions. Going nowhere, alive as the present immortal, living in the present moment; no motivation high or low. The Happy man is the man who is en–light–ed, because he is full of light. He is incarnated as Divine Light; his vehicle has become enlightened, made full with Divine Light. Therefore he rests upon the cushion holding that Divine Current in Happiness and the cushion allows the Divine form a place to rest.
Sitting formally in and as Happiness is Real meditation. Nothing else amounts to this, but nothing else. There is nothing to achieve, everything is already achieved in the Divine through grace.

“The Happiness that you know in the end, is the Happiness you knew from the beginning.”

This cushion is given to inspire the True practice of meditation.
Sitting in the stillness of present enjoyment, in our contemplation of Happiness,
and allowing this communion to consume our entire existence.