(See below for details!)

Simple Care Instructions for your Happy Cushion
* Air your cushion out in the sun for occasional cleansing and freshening.
* Swat the cushion to fluff and shape.
* Over time wool settles and becomes more compact.
* If you get a stain on the fabric, spot clean with an ‘Earth friendly’ cleaning liquid.
* You may wash the outer cover by unzipping and removing the inner bag; turn fabric inside out and hand wash alone in cold water using mild ‘earth friendly’ detergent that is fully dissolved before inserting fabric into water. Lay flat to dry, not in full sun for hours or your material may fade in colour. It is not recommended to wash the wool inner cushion. (It could turn into felt!) Just remove the inner cushion and air this part out in direct sunlight. Sunlight is a natural freshener for pure wool. 

Travel Tips – When you want to take your Happy Cushion with you!
There are lots of people who have taken their Happy Cushion with them when they travel. Whether by car, bus, plane or into a business meeting or to yoga class and the list goes on! We can recomment that you put a travel tag with your name and phone number around the handle if you are going on a journey where you may inadvertently forget it. This way it is more likely it’ll be returned! We have heard of this happening. 

Materials Used

The Outside Fabric Case
The outside material selected is either a combination of Hemp & Organic Cotton or Hemp & Silk. The choice to use Hemp was for many reasons. It is one of the most environmentally sustainable crops that can grow quickly in almost any climate and is naturally resistant to pests. The plant prevents soil erosion and leaves soil in a better condition than before the crop was planted (It is noted to absorb heavy-metal contaminants in the soil.) Industrial hemp use dates back to the Stone Age. This is the form of Cannabis Sativa, L. that has none of the psychoactive properties of marijuana.  The material is anti-bacterial and durable, allowing you years of wear.

The Inner Fabric Case comes with a zipper – this means that you can remove the inner filling depending on the firmness you require. This also means that in years to come you can replace with fresh eco-wool if you want to. And it allows you to leave the inner bag in the direct sun for a few hours without the worry of the fabric fading. 

The Stuffing Used:
We use 100% Eco-Wool for our inner stuffing!
We have experimented with several other types of fill and even other types of wool. But this special breed of Australian Sheep has a buoyant fluffiness to their coasts that this is what we selected after using this fill for over 15 years, it has lasted the test of time. 

Wool is considered a luxury fibre and is generally more expensive than alternative synthetic and eco-options. This wool comes from Australian Sheep, specially selected from a breed for their springy buoyant fleece, allowing this cushion to retain its resiliency through continuous sitting moments. This wool is eco cleaned according to organic requirements, which is called ‘scouring’ vs. the conventional toxic technique called ‘carbonising’.

Wool Has Many Qualities i.e. breathability, naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. It is also naturally stain resistant, fire resistant and generally easy to maintain. Being a natural product is is 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Packaging Used:
The Happy Cushion comes wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, which protects the fabric in transport from dirt and odours, and it can be composted.