The Many Stages of Production…
Check out some of the behind the scenes history up until present day production

The Happy Cushions up until now have been produced in Australia in Northern NSW. There has not been any overseas production utilised. Each of these cushions goes through many hands of labour and many of those steps I am closely with and holding. They are a labour of love at the moment. Value your Happy Cushion and may you be truly blessed with the alignment of Real Meditation. 😊 💜

Happy Cushions Clover measuring on paper Oct2011

Once the first pattern was created I was taught to utilise this pattern and set the pieces out to fit onto a larger area where we folded over the fabric into multiple layers. This is definitely the fastest way to get all of your patterned pieces together! Mind you I have cut many of the shorter limited edition Happy Cushions pieces by hand.  

In July 2011 the journey of actualising The Happy Cushion into form commenced. Blessed with the support of skilled artisans I immersed myself into all areas of production possible to support bringing this vision into form.

Happy Cushion Clover using ruler to draw on layout Oct22nd2011
Happy Cushions weighing down fabric

All sewing in done by hand, piece by piece. The front piece is sent to another location to have the ‘As Above, So Below’ logo embroidered onto the front piece and then the rest is sewn together. 

Happy Cushion Clover ruler layout photo from above Oct 2011
Narendra sewing Happy Cushions July30th2011
Happy Cushion fabric - putting weights on and beginning to cut
Close up of cutting Happy Cushion fabric

Once the fabric is layered and ready to go with the top fabric markings visible, weights on to hold the fabric in place, the cutting begins!

Bale of wool

After trying many different materials for stuffing, the exact type of material and then sheep’s wool was found! Each cushion comes with an inner case to allow replacements &/or cleaning. 

Happy Cushion side zip
Inner bag on scales July2nd2011
Larissa stuffing Happy Cushion with Wool

This process of fluffing and pulling and stuffing into the inner cushion case can take between 30 to 40 minutes of loving hand labour.

This is Eco Wool which is wool that has not been subjected to a harsh chemical cleaning process called carbonization. Carbonization is used in the production of most wool products today. Our special Eco Wool is washed simply, in large washing machines with soap and very hot water, assuring you that you’re not getting anything other than wool in it’s purest form.

Carbonization is a type of scouring, or cleaning, that employs a chemical bath. The bath includes hydrochloric acid, to be specific, plus other chemicals.

So once we receive the wool in the bale we may have small bits of vegetation in it, so we need to fluff and pull it apart and then stuff it into the inner cushion. It is a mastery to get the inner pillows looking perfect in their balance of wool. But note!! Once you sit on it a few times the wool will come into a balance and we put over a half a kilo of wool into every inner cushion. So if it looks thick, note that the wool will settle a little bit over time. Yet due to the buoyancy of this wool it should hold some firmness yet give. 

Clover and Larissa with bag of wool for Happy Cushions 2024

After years of having The Happy Cushions on a very slow coast, in 2023 production commenced into a higher gear ready to supply! These two photos are of Larissa and I (Clover) in April 2024. We stuffed about 30 inner cushion cases over two days. From here there will follow another 80 cushions and then!….. the stages of production will be handed over to others with a bright spirit, to enjoy supporting the stages of production so that we can continue to grow and support many others in their meditation practice.


Clover and Larissa stuffing Happy Cushions 2024