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Happy Cushion Testimonials

“Oh, your cushion is AMAZING. Such a good feeling. I love it!! I work from home and have it on my couch, and I have noticed how many clients sit on that side of the couch. Where as before they would sit on a single chair. I have fun with that thank you !”   (Deva R. – Austin, Texas  – USA)

“Thank you so much for the “Happy Cushion”!  Now I do not know how I got along without it as it is such a support not only for my back but also with Happy energy, good for my evolution in Radiant Conscious Light and Real Life.  It’s real pretty too that red one. Before Christmas I did some volunteer work for the food coop.  It’s a once a year process of stuffing envelopes to mail rebate checks to our members. There are 10 to 12 people there and they talk incessantly about politics which usually wears me thin and unhappy and I have to leave in 3-4 hrs. This year though I HAD MY HAPPY CUSHION WITH ME.  I had seriously hurt my back doing “the plow” in yoga class so I brought the cushion to support my back.  I know there is a lot of alchymeic energy in the Happy Cushion but get this … after 3-4 hrs. I was quietly sitting in my chair just smiling at everyone (I’m not exactly a smiley type person) and I was pain free AND HAPPY as can be!!  Not only did I stay the whole day but I came back the 2nd day to do more.  I felt perfectly happy sitting there amongst everyone not talking just stuffing envelopes and smiling.” (Akkadian – New Mexico – USA)

“What a wonder. In the witness of the Happy Cushion the Body/Mind was held in perfect alignment. The current was felt at the point infinitely above and infinitely below. If all the media ozzers were required to sit on a Happy Cushion as they were doing the News, the world would be ecstatically related.”  (Eigen Eigen and Akkadian – New Mexico – USA)

“I received my Happy Cushion the day before flying to the UK. In feeling its current I felt completely polarised, held in enlight- enment while staying grounded. I took it on my journey to the U.K. where I normally feel sour, wobbly and ungrounded after the flight. I sat on the Happy Cushion the whole way, a total of 21 hours flying and a 4-hour car journey. This cushion is a complete wonder, even in such a toxic environment as an aeroplane it held me. When I got to my destination I felt whole and completely grounded. Such a complete wonder thank you for sharing this gift.”  (Clare Bates –  Brisbane, QLD Australia)

“Enjoying my Happy Cushion. I have it with me at work here. It’s too fat to sit on the chair but makes a pretty nice back rest. It’s my little bubble of happiness in my office now! Used it for two-hour yoga session yesterday too. It was very nice. Black is definitely the new black… love it!” (Frances Asha, Tasmania – Australia)

“Here are my words to describe the amazing Happy Cushion feeling. The intensification of current in the spine made me feel like I was levitating in the Divine Current, in the cross-legged meditation position, simply being, nothing else. I am so grateful and excited to be able to just pick ‘that’ up and take it with me!”  (Contour R. – Munich, Germany)

“This Happy cushion is a real addition to my meditation practice. When I sit on it I go inward with grace and ease. A sacred space is created. My cushion holds me energetically. The height is comfortable and allows me to sit in stillness for longer periods of time without damaging my legs. I am a meditation teacher and would highly recommend this cushion to all those who meditate or would like to meditate.”  Maree T. – Sydney, NSW Australia

“What an experience.. incredible grounding, very quickly .. I felt like I was sinking into the floor from the hips down.. then after a few minutes I could feel an enormous stretch through my lower back .. my spine seemed to lengthen and keep lengthening.. then the cushion actually pushed me forward with little bursts of energy that resulted in my back coming completely off the chair into a slighly forward leaning position of blissful- ness! Amazing…” (Mark M. – Brisbane, QLD – Australia)

“Did you know that you don‘t even have to sit on it?! The Happy Cushion that is. I placed it on my navel and felt the heat permeate my sacral and base chakras. I also place it on my heart chakra and I felt a calmness quickly evolve. I then thought, well, what the heck, I’ll place it behind my neck whilst laying down and I felt the energy support the weakness I have in my neck… It certainly is a powerful imbuement in helping us move into a stronger alignment with where happiness abides.”  (Bianca B. – Limpinwood, NSW Australia)

“When I was handed my happy cushion I tingled all over and hugged it! When I sit on my Happy Cushion, I feel the current work up my spine, straightening my posture and then swelling in my heart and clearing the head.  I feel lighter and clean and able to breathe.  It makes everything feel easier and simple, I really do remember the divine! It prepares me to engage the energies on my stargate and intensifies the other Alchymeic energies I engage. Thank you – What a wonder!!! – It really is a Happy cushion!” (N.C. Tyalgum, NSW – Australia)

“When I saw the black Happy Cushion I knew I had to have one. When I put my hand on it to feel it, it became warmer and warmer! The first moment of connection was like sitting amongst the stars, feeling totally awake and grounded. It was timeless and calm and beyond my usual gravity. Each time I sit now, becomes more silent, deeper and a place where all questions are answered, I am loved, feel no separation, no doubt. I look forward to breathing in this doorway each day and can’t believe I have received yet another Gracious Gift.”  (E.A. – Tyalgum, NSW – Australia)

“I love this cushion! What a happy lift after spending all day on your feet!”  (A.A. – Tyalgum, NSW – Australia)

“I’m in love, sitting has never been so…completely held in happiness. I am witness to all that is arising – no need to go anywhere with my attention. A sitting meditation wherever I find myself to be. Feels like integrity is given to my entire form. A total blessing of holding is given in this cushion. Thank you!”   (H. M. – Tyalgum, NSW – Australia)