What is a Heart of Space Centre? (Click on this link here to listen to the video recording on what a Heart of Space Centre is.)

These Centres are comprised of three or four of the major Hermetic Artifacts – The Fractaliser, Travelling Bubbler and Saturn Bubbler and/or Qualitative Evolution Bubbler. These are placed together in a triangular formation – (The Fractaliser being the top of the triangle – the threshold point – and the two Bubblers creating the base.

Heart of Space placement

Why do we need Heart of Space Centres? (Click on the link here to listen to the recording of Why we need Heart of Space Centres.)






There exists an Alchymie between these Energies. When placed together they create an intensified current of Energy beyond their individual attributes. These Alchymeic Artifacts energetically create the whole temple as human form. They represent the three aspects of the being:
The Fractaliser represents higher mind.
The Travelling Bubbler represents the psychic multidimensional energy fields.
The Saturn Bubbler represents the gross vital form – the world, the very structure and fabric of the earth plane.
The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler represents the same as the Saturn Bubbler, yet the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler brings a greater depth of penetration and momentum of current for the entire earth plane, bringing the esoteric ascension to actualise at the level of life.

The Sacred Geometric Placement of the Artifacts

This formation creates the Sacred Geometry or Alchymeic structure that allows volumetric current to enter and ground, or incarnate into this cosmic display. The Artifacts can be placed in different rooms within the same building and if this placement is not possible, any held presentation will suffice.