Energies on a Saturn Bubbler


Saturn Bubbler, Environment,Upon the 13 main Spheres is a combination of over 80 fixed Energies with an additional 5 to 10 Energies specially selected as pertinent to the further purification and transformation of the region. These Energies are placed amongst the different Spheres and this is what makes each Saturn Bubbler in the world unique.

The individual Energies that appear on each Sphere are fractions that are at last realised as the absolute unity that is the Saturn Bubbler. The unity that is the Saturn Bubbler comes together with the final top Spheres placement. The individual descriptions and properties of each of these Energies are always evolving and reach far beyond any supposed level of definition – they are a starting point.

Sphere 1

 (This Energy also comes in the form of a Vial, a Wand, Pendant and is within the Travelling Bubbler.) Obstructed energies and conditions are a ‘block’ to the flow of life force or life current. The Alchymeic intention of Maha is to transmute these negative conditions within the environment and people’s energetic fields and thus evoke a nourishing quality to life. Within the Alchymeic principles, negative conditions and even negative responses to the living process can be dissolved by the stable presence of life-positive energy. The green colour of Maha alludes to the life energy of plants and thus it is also given with the intention of support for plant life.

Additional Energies: Chemical Warfare, Climate Change, The Doorway to Hell (Shutting down all such doorways within our selves and thus within the mass of humanity.), Negative Terraformer, Nuclear Radiation Wizard

Sphere 2
FractalEarth Sphere

Fractal Earth Healer: Based on “Fractal Geometry”, Fractal Earth holds the Alchymeic Intention of grounding the life-current right through to the centre of the earth, inviting harmony & spaciousness to conditions of negativity and toxicity within the earth’s energy field.  Vision: Literally all around cohorts of angels were around holding the earth, working to release the black core of the earth.
Additional Energies: Concoction 14,  Earth Works, Mother Earth, Ocean Currents and Strange Attractor – Weather Extremes.   


Sphere 3
TouchingLight SphereTouching Light
“The ‘usual’ point of view is dominated by the sense of vision and in this domination, our fascination with vision tends to crush all the other senses. The contemplation of touching light invites us beyond our ‘usual’ encapsulation, into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Thus we can feel into other beings, including apparent inanimate beings and come to know them intimately as our own being. We could therefore touch a plant and feel deep into its nature or touch a book and know intimately its content and so on. Involving ourselves with the contemplation of touching light evolves us to the true form of consciousness, wherein we are alive as all this apparent world.” (Excerpt from, “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love” by Jessa O’ My Heart.)
Additional Energies: Age of Light, The Doorway to Heaven, Earth Rising, The Heart of Space
and Transitionings,

Sphere 4
PrimaryHeart Sphere

Primary Heart Energy: “Love is the food of the Heart.” So much bombards the heart in this world, we need to nourish it with Primary Heart Energy so that we can always bring energy and love to nourish the Hearts around us. Real nourishment is this energy we bring to one another.
The Alchymeic intention of Primary Heart Energy is to invite conscious heart feeling to exist in this world – to draw humanity to the possibility of living as love itself.
Additional Energies: The Unholy, Combinatorial Heart, In My Company
and Arranging 343.


Sphere 5
NuclearTrackerSuperNuclear Tracker: Tracking areas of locked-in negativity; transmuting and dissolving the impulse and thus the source of shadow. When applied to a territory, a golden light is seen to flow out across the land, sucking up the ‘dark’. Through continual purification the land is cleansed of its grosser elements, leaving a brighter world in its wake.
Super Nuclear Tracker: This Energy was created to locate and find intrusions that lay within dimensions not yet touched, travelling back through space and time, dissolving karma. A tool in locating traumas locked within consciousness, coming from lifetimes beyond conscious memory. Finding these points of contraction that lay buried within the land, allowing the patterns of existence that have been thus created as a reaction to begin to be witnessed and dissolved.
Additional Energies: Facilitator
and 42 Spider Elixir/No Law For Negativity.

Sphere 6

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics: There is a background hum to our houses of 50 cycle electro-magnetics and the ‘communications’ from the so-called ‘user friendly’ computer are worse than our toaster. We are subject to varying degrees of electromagnetic disturbance no matter where we go these days. May it be transformed, into something like a picnic, with buttercups, by a stream, after a rainstorm.
Additional Energies: Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic, Metallic Genesis
and Lifestream.


Sphere 7
Noah'sArk Sphere

Noah’s Ark: Noah’s Ark as we all know was a way given to Noah by God of ensuring the survival of many species of animals in the time of a catastrophic flood. The Alchymeic intention of this Noah’s Ark is to serve all animals, including the blessing of wild animals and their recovery from the shock of contact with humans and human existence.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Drought Daemon Wizard (some regions), Melting Ice, Rainmaker Wizard
and The Seed of the Species. 


Sphere 8
Geo Triplet Sphere

Geo Triplet: This Energy is made up of Geo Mancer (laying out everything in a perfect way), Geo Mandala (solid earth structure) and Geo Mantra (sounds). Geo Triplet is essentially a ‘lens’ that helps to direct and focus energies.
Additional Energies: Absolute Zero Ray, Balance, Computational Equivalence Wizard, Simple Programs Underlying the Complexity of the Natural Order Wizard, and Terraformer.


Sphere 9
Hyper-Telomerase Sphere
Hyper-Telomerase: Based on the life process. Revealing the building blocks of replication and regeneration.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Don Juan Egg Elixir, Pristine, Sunworks, Underneath the Arches
and Intelligence Of The Heart.


Sphere 10

Jack and the Bean Stalk: The story goes that Jack’s beanstalk grew vigorously one night reaching up into the heavens. Inspired by this tall tale, our Jack and the Bean Stalk is Alchymeically intended to evoke a more abundant growth as it brings an enlivening current to all growing things.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Deep Forest, Eden, Poisons in the Garden
and Verdant Function.



Sphere 11
SonicHedgehog Sphere
Sonic Hedgehog: The Alchymeic intention of Sonic Hedgehog is to enhance our capacity to conduct the life current or energy.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Astrology Wizard, The Divine Enters the World Through Water
and Earthquake Lightning.




Sphere 12

Earth’s Magnetic Field: This Alchymeic field of energy has been selected from Precambrian times as a living inspiration for us because of its pristine qualities. This field comes from a time at the dawn of life on earth, therefore devoid of subsequent angular evolutionary developmental effects.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir OR Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir – Depends if in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, Earth Plane Polarisation, Ozone Layer
and The Universal Gravitation Principle.


Base Central Sphere
Soulfire Sphere
Soulfire: The Soulfire sphere is seen psychically as a way of affecting matter directly. Soulfire is the flame igniting all Genesis, it has been seen to bring the intensity and transformation required to influence the energetics at hand.

Through the Central Column is a Gold Map inside a clear cylinder: The map is specially drawn to outline the designated region that the Saturn Bubbler is to hold.

The Top Sphere
Abraxas Cosmic Spider: Held as a current to penetrate a limitation on consciousness that appears as a veil over the top of the ‘world’. This Energy is about awakening to the realisation that this entire cosmic display is an unnecessary addition to consciousness, therefore non-binding. The beginning and the end of the universe is the sign of the ‘conventional’ ego.
Additional Energies on Sphere: Feng Shui Wizard, God’s Little Green Acre, The Great Book of Nature, Hermes Prophecy, Wellspring
and Leviathan.