Latest Update! (May 2024) Happy Cushion’s are available! There are some very limited editions that’ll be mentioned below and once they are sold out, the photo and details will be removed. At this current moment this is the location for you to view them and also on-site at the showroom in Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486 Australia. If you would like to purchase from afar you’ll need to write an email and posting can be arranged. 👍

The Many Stages of Hand Production
Please note that there are many stages of hand production to make the Happy Cushions. Follow this link to learn more about the hand work and stages of production that go into each Happy Cushion. 

iis  Which Happy Cushion is for you?

The Look and Feel of Each Type of Happy Cushion 

All Happy Cushions hold the same blessing current, yet the differing colour spectrums and even fabric can conduct and direct the current through our form differently.

More details below with each Happy Cushion.
See which one you are drawn to.

What’s Available? 15 different types!

Scroll down this page and see what is available currently. These first Happy Cushions have a Hemp and Organic Cotton blend (50/50) cover and as with all Happy Cushions they are filled with 100% Australian Eco-wool. 

Investment to support years of meditation happiness is $320 AUD each. Contact to purchase. 

Red & Gold was the first style created. It is felt to support the grounding of light right through the root chakra. The rich red is very much a base chakra earthing colour and the gold ‘As Above, So Below’ symbol brings a golden light current through. 


Back in the late 90’s when I held a large showroom production space in Madison, Wisconsin we’d put on a similar recording from the Tibetan monks, called Throat Singing, it is a specialised form of chanting. I found that it was deeply purifying and grounding throughout the space. Check this link out through Youtube, and if you have this Red Happy Cushion, play it while seated upon your cushion.

Red and white Happy Cushion

Red & White Cream First released in 2011 and inspired by QE Bubbler  with the red and white colours that support deep red penetration through the root chakra into the earth and the white light that comes from above. (Four left of limited edition.) 

white and gold Happy Cushion

Light Cream & Gold holds a current of soft lightness, purity, spirituality and ascension when meditating. During your meditation practice you may easily tap into this White and Golden Light from the unmodified God Light that will envelop and guide you in an ecstatic communion with Divine source. 

Cream and Gold Happy Cushion for meditation
white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion
cream gold and aqua happy cushion

Light Cream, Gold & either Aqua Blue or Colbalt Blue This style to the left was the first style prototype created as it matched The Flying Carpet Yoga Mat. The added blue with the gold has been felt to bring a focus of energy through the head and nervous system. Imagine the flow of light energy through your crown and into your form as you meditate. (A few left.) 

cream and dark blue and gold happy cushion for meditation
Black and Gold Happy Cushion with Octahedron

Black & Gold Happy Cushions has been one of the most popular styles. When I first considered black I thought, “Why would we want a Happy Cushion to be black?”, yet it became my first. I feel like it chose me. 

As I completed the first one of these, Black & Gold Happy Cushions I still remember my hand not wanting to let the cushion go. I felt myself being sucked into this black hole sort of current of intense light energy. It felt good, so good I didn’t want it to stop. I felt my entire form being touched by this exquisite love and all else that was less than love burned away. Ecstatic bliss.

The colour black absorbs all wavelengths of light and reflects none. Thus consider your next meditation moment where you sit on this cushion, supported on a journey of going “Into the Black” and “Out of the Black”, the penetration, purification and  transmutation of the sheer density of dark matter. “Light Breaks Where No Light Shines!” You are supported in your Divine process of awakening.

black and gold happy cushion
Black and white Happy Cushion next to Zoroastrian Bubbler
Happy Cushion Black silver & white

Black & White OR Black, White & Silver with a red back label These Happy Cushions were inspired by the Zoroastrian Bubbler. Where the polarities of light and dark meet and Love is the Only Law. Bring the living Heart alive, felt, know and held as a sacred Alchymie.   

Happy Cushion stone aqua and gold

Earthy Tan with Aqua & Gold Centre These Happy Cushions have an earthy foundation colour that supports grounding, stability,  growth and healing. The electric blue current penetrating mind and gold filling the form. Locate balance and space to contemplate and grow beyond the rush and pace of everyday living.

“The present moment
is an absolute eternity.”

“There is an absolute, timeless, infinite, untouched, perfect realm, not describable, which is eternal.
And you can call that heaven if you want. It is the God-world. 
Coming out of the God-world is the God-Light 
descending from it.”
– The Life of Understanding
“Knee of Listening Book by Adi Da.

Golde sateen silk Happy Cushion

These two Happy Cushions are a new very limited edition. Only 2 available of each one. The fabric was hand cut from a remnant piece in the feeling that there would be someone just waiting for these colours and fabrics. The light gold fabric is satin silk light gold along with the inner symbol being gold. Gold is the symbol of enlightenment. The baby pink  is a cotton cover. It supports the softness and sweetness of unconditional love.  

Pink Happy Cushion

The Hemp and Silk blend (50/50) Colours

The following Happy Cushions have an outer fabric with a 50/50 blend of Hemp and Silk and the inner fill is 100% eco-wool.
This style is a little more delicate than the hemp and cotton blend. It is a cushion that you’ll have just for yourself in your home or bedroom, whereas the hemp and cotton blend you can have it in your car, take it with you on the plane…..
The first round of these was created in 2011 which many more colours.
These colours sold out rather quickly so we’ve decided to make one more round of them.
The silky fabric conducts the colour current in a very smooth way. 
There are four colours available in very limited numbers.
Investment to support years of meditation happiness is $341 AUD each.

Sage hempsilk happy cushion
Sage HempSilk Happy Cushion

This Happy Cushion is a beautiful Sage Hemp Silk fabric with gold Exuding peace, tranquility, harmony and wisdom. Supportive during a period of growth, change, healing and transformation.

“Happiness is the form of
Real meditation”


Sage hempsilk Happy Cushsion on Wooden Chair

If you enjoy burning sage, create moments with your meditation on this Happy Cushion after burning Sage or allow the new experience if it’s your first time.

Grass Green Hemp and Silk fabric with a gold embroidered logo
Green represents growth, rebirth, hope, health and wellbeing.

Green is also associated with our Anahata/Heart Chakra.

When your heart chakra is strong, clear and vibrant, your heart is open and loving. Your Heart Chakra acts as a type of ‘purification system’, cleansing all your chakras of negative emotions and keeping your energy field positive.

‘”Feeling’ is being open-hearted, with no contraction in the heart or feeling dimension. The head must also be a bright feeling organ, allowing the heart to shine up through it, ‘simithereening’ all solidity. The head should be slightly bowed to the heart, rather than arrogantly sailing above, disrespectful of the rest of the form.

Grass Green Hempsilk Happy Cushion

Being responsible for energy and feeling is therefore keeping open-hearted and allowing love as action. Love is enthusiastic, not inertial.
Bringing energy and feeling to one another means we are participants as love, as energy and not withholding love with a contraction in the heart. We bring energy and feeling to one another through conductivity of the life-force and real enthusiasm, full of interest and love. We are always confessed, as “I love you”. (JessaO’MyHeart)

Grass Green Happy Cushion
Ocean Blue Happy Cushion  Hemp Silk with eco wool fill

Deep Blue Ocean is what this one is called. With the silky smooth  Hemp and Silk fabric and a gold embroidered logo

“Breath is an aspect of ‘mind’. For example if we suddenly become frightened, we may hold our breath and it may also become fitful. By yielding the breath to the Divine, we are discovering the ‘mindless embodiment’ of the enlightened form.

The troubled breath is healed by taking the individual so deep into the ocean that there is no possibility of return and so we are carried beyond the breath into the realm of the ‘immortals’ from whence we are returned restored to the fullness of the breath of life.

Our connection to the Divine is discovered by yielding the breath to and from infinity. Our whole life needs to be sacrificed via the breath in this way, until at last we are identified with the Divine as the absolute one.

When breathing ‘in’ we are inviting the descending force, down the frontal line. Every ‘out’ breath is up the spinal line. We must fully participate in this as reception and release. Breath is about the capacity to let life in and eliminate all that is, anything less than this causes congestion. The breath reveals our dependent nature upon that which is beyond and greater than us, the Infinite Divine.” (JessaO’MH)

Ocean blue Happy Cushion on wooden chair

Discover the power of
conscious breathing.

Royal Purple Happy Cushion Hemp Silk Cover
Royal Purple Happy Cushion Hemp Silk Cover

The Royal Purple Throne Happy Cushion Purple is associated with power, both earthly and spiritually. In healing, purple has been used for mental disorders and also for becoming one with Spirit. In the aura purple signifies higher spiritual development. 

Be immerse in the Divine state, allowing consciousness to be lifted to a much higher space – breaking the impenetrable ‘ceiling’ of mind.
Tuning out the static and tuning us to the light of consciousness.

We are invited to experience the ascent toward absorption into the Divine Light infinitely above, thereby ultimately realising the Divine as Light or energy itself. Although through this process we ultimately realise this ascent is conditional and non –permanent. This stage of awakening in life is the ultimate process associated with the subtle dimension of existence. To enter into a ‘light body’ is not to be free in God, but only to be relatively free of the grosser play of experience. We will come to realise that the felt separation from God remains, since it is only to be found at the seat of consciousness in the Heart.

This Cushion was inspired by the purple coloured Octahedron called “Soul Octahedron”, which is about dissolving our identification to the karmic recycling pattern of movement in and out of lifetimes. Releasing and allowing attention to abide in the moment as consciousness itself.  


If you would like to get any of the Happy Cushion’s above, please get in touch at 

Many of Happy Cushions

These Happy Cushion photos are from the completed round produced at that end of April 2024. 

The embroidered symbol on the face of the cushion symbolises the famous statement by Hermes Trismegistus: “As Above, So Below”. This statement is the key to living Alchymie, where ultimately the Divine current is realised as our living form.

While resting in Understanding we at last become cognisant of the meaning of what is Above and what is Below
as a correspondence.

Packed Happy Cushions ready to go April 20th2024