Living Feng Shui – Creating your optimal Sanctuary –
Your sweet Light Haven for Home, Office & Business

Feng Shui has been around for over 4,000 years and is now practiced extensively around the world. Feng Shui literally means ‘wind & water’; the wind is the ‘chi’ (energy) and the water represents harnessing the flow of ‘chi’ to bring harmony and balance.

The Bagua Map

The school I have just been through is called the BTB school of Feng Shui (the Western version). I have studied with Tisha Morris from Earth Home School of Feng Shui. This school allows the space for our intuitive feelings while taking into account how our energy affects the space and how the space affects our energy. It is not strictly the traditional ‘Form School’ that has hard and fast rules of application and superstition. I have learned the Bagua Map and many of the basic foundations of Feng Shui. including clutter clearing, space clearing, EMF detection and geopathic stress diagnosis. I combine this learning along with the past 25 years of experience I’ve had in energy healing and the Alchymie of transforming yourself and your space. I have an intuitive sensitivity to the energy of spaces and places that I’ll bring to each session along with the practical knowledge that I have learned. I believe our micro selves are an extension of our macro selves and vice versa and thus I assist you in observing and investigating your immediate macro environment to discover hidden secrets and gems that can quickly unravel and open the way and direction to breakthroughs. I believe that our home is our second skin, it is one of our closest reflections that holds the potential to instigate rapid change. As is spoken in Alchymie, “As Above, So below” and “As within, so without”.

Sessions can be conducted in person/on site or by phone or Skype and we can focus on specific things prioritising your focus given through the questionnaire I have you fill out.


  • Suggestions on how to improve or enhance the chi energy in each area, including the optimal placement of furniture and accessories
  • Identify areas of stagnation and how to move the energy appropriately (due to floor plan flaws, furniture, clutter, stagnant energy)
  • Trifield Meter measurement of any harmful electromagnetic, microwave, or electric currents
  • Strategies for clearing clutter
  • Dowsing for energy disturbances, which could be as a result of harmful ley lines, water lines, negative energy, and/or stagnant energy
  • Suggestions for furnishings, layout, possible colour suggestion to create optimal energy
  • Ways to incorporate the Five Elements of Feng Shui (wood, water, earth, metal, fire) to create a healthy, harmonic and aesthetically pleasing home AND to support your own energy.
  • Numerology of your home or business. This is an important and informative way to find out what energy your space already holds and how it can benefit you.
  • Feng Shui analysis of home exterior, including the entryway, missing corners & extensions and add-ons.
  • Assistance during pre-construction for placement of doors, windows, stairs, beams, and any other architectural elements that may affect the energy of your home.
  • Energetic clearing from predecessor energy & history.

Pricing for in person consultation price is $350. (Sessions are approx. 2 hours on site with over an hour preparation and correspondence.)
This is the cost if you are local. I would need to give a quote if it was extensive travel time.

The basics for this consultation:

  • Initial consultation entails you filling out a pre-questionnaire.
  • You supply your own freehand sketch of your home or the architectures layout.
  • I spend at least an hour of my time prior to our meeting looking into your space energetically and through practical application via the floor plan and above via google maps.
  • Our in-person consultation is 2 hours and a follow up call.
  • You’ll receive the layout printout of your home over-lapped within the Bagua map.


  • This initial consultation I will look over your entire space yet focus on your priorities based on your answers in the questionnaire and help you prioritise recommendations.
  • There are many different things I may bring to a consultation and this will all be revealed by what you ask of me and what I intuitively feel in the time given. If you wish to have a follow up session we can arrange this.


Note these are amazing and just slightly different in style being that it seems to bring through a more intuitive focus to spaces without distractions. Here are some of the possible areas we can touch upon in a long-distance reading and consultation:

  • Same as being in person, minus obvious things.
  • Love
  • Money
  • Selling a Property
  • Office or Home Office
  • Property Analysis
  • Floor plan Review
  • Distant Space Clearing
  • Five Elements Analysis
  • Strategies for clearing clutter
  • The Numerology of your property
  • Creating sanctuary in your space

What I Will Need:

  • Copy of your floor plan (a true copy or sketched by you)
  • Photo of front of home
  • Photos of any rooms in which you want me to address
  • Photos of any exterior areas you want me to address

These long-distance readings I take at least an hour outside of this time looking into your space energetically and through practical application. Looking at your floor plan in detail and above via google maps and give you a written copy of notes on your floor plan after our hour on phone/skype conversation.

Pricing for a long-distance reading is $195. These consultations begin with me spending at least an hour of my time prior to our meeting looking into your space energetically and through practical application via the floor plan and above via google maps and the photographs and the questionnaire you have given me. We will then have a one hour call together on phone or skype and I’ll send you a reading of your space laid out in the Bagua map and more via digital form.

Please get in touch with me via the contact page.