Maha Pendant Available in y/g or w/g 9ct. gold flower-petalled cap with a light green liquid-filled glass ball. $395 AUD
This Maha Energy is a life-positive Energy intended to transmute negative conditions whilst moving to lift the individual to a greater functional capacity. This Pendant holds a protective field of Energy, inviting anything negative within this field to be transmuted. For added focus, touch the Maha pendant with the intention of purifying the environment or some event. This can be sufficient to negate the impact of the surrounding condition.
There exists a field of energy around the body with many layers – the auric extension of our form.
Obstructed or negative energies and conditions that enter our field are a ‘block’ to the flow of life force or life current.
Within the Alchymeic principles, negative conditions and even negative responses to the living process
can be dissolved by the stable presence of life-positive energy.
“Maha is about transmuting the communicated negativity that enters into and around our form. Maha is seen as an Energy which shoots through ‘life’, like an arrow through an apple, clearing negative aspects, moving to lift the individual into a higher ‘functional’ dimension. We are surrounded by a gold circle with many colours flashing through it.”