Mists of Alchymie Logo

As the logo says, this was first created in 2006. It came out as water sprays and also as floral mists.   

Mists of Alchymie

These Alchymeic Spray Bottles are designed

as an auric field spray. Fill with pure water and spray abundantly on and around yourself.

Each spray in the series is imbued with a different Alchymeic intention and offers different qualities according to Hermetic Gnosis. The key words & descriptions below may offer some insight into these qualities.

When using these sprays we are affecting the water molecules in the air and this is where patterns, emotions and memories are held. Consider environments that are more humid… these environments can sometimes become more dense if the space is not purified and energised with light. Refer to the book by Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water”, where he describes how the molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings.


If you have the entire set you may begin by going through the sprays one by one, fill the bottles up with clean water and sit and hold the bottle and then spray into your space and around your body and then onto your face and body. Feel them and see how you feel and you are likely to develop favourites. And then feel when you would like to engage certain ones.

Below you’ll find a brief description for each spray. Let these serve as beginning parameters while the possibilities and situations that you’ll find using them can well surpass these small notes.

Arranging 7– Divine Radiance –  Be showered in Light. This Alchymeic Mist instills the current of The Divine Star is from the unmodified God Light beyond the ‘cosmic display’.

Arranging 15 The Divine enters the world through Water  
This Mist can be felt as liquid light filling your space and bringing us into the present moment. It can open our feeling intuition of the Living Divine Current.
“Spiritus Domini Forebatur Super Aquus” This is a Latin phrase to mean: “The Spirit of God moves on or over the water” ….The Divine Enters the World Through Water

Arranging 19 – Relaxation

Arranging 185 – Auric Protection 
(A short phrase for this spray has been coined: “185 stay alive.”)

Through this Energy we are invited to give up our particular unconscious karmic motivations stemming from fear, by penetrating the veil of illusion that is fear. In Truth there are no binding necessities; we can transcend our destiny and what appears to be necessary. “There is no law for negativity.” This Energy moves to reveal and dissolve the many forms of negative communication from ‘self’ and ‘other’, providing auric-field protection, while inviting us to the ‘bigger vision’. 

Use this spray to simply clear your space or the a space you are visiting or after returning from being out. So helpful cutting through thick sticky vibes.

Arranging 186Lifestream
Spraying this Energy brings a cleansing purification through the auric field clearing the over intrusiveness of subtle realm programming that can be controlling, intrusive and distressing. The forms of programming can appear through a myriad of daily environmental interactions, such as television, films, billboards, food, computers, etc.

Arranging 188 Airbourne negativity
It can be useful using while working with electronics; try using after being on the computer, phone or in confined spaces like aeroplanes. If a space feels and smells ‘stuffy’ and/or if feels filled with psychic chaos and clutter in the subtle, clear and create a fresh space. “Hey! Hey! Clear the Way!”

Arranging 222 – The Fifth Element is Love
The Fiery Black Asteroid of Death is Overwhelmed by Love”.  A current that is about opening the heart chakra and feeling love. The fifth element is Love and the current of this is felt to explode at the heart centre. ‘The fiery black asteroid’ takes nothing into account, it is dedicated to death, like it is said in the Hermes prophecy. *

*” There will come a time when “Every sacred voice will be silenced.
Darkness will be preferred to light. No eyes will raise to Heaven.
The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise.
The madmen will be believed brave and the wicked esteemed as good.
Knowledge of the immortal soul will be laughed at and denied.
No reverent words worthy of Heaven will be heard or believed.”

Arranging 242 – Negative Spells
Dissolve negative projections.
“Black Magic both Formal and Informal”. People’s moods are the Informal, and we have to wade our way through them everyday, sometimes this can be quite crippling. The Formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger. Both are damaging to our psychic emotional structure.

Arranging 250 Regeneration and Renewal  (Reversal of timing.)

Arranging 256 Breath of Life
Breath is an aspect of ‘mind’*. For example if we suddenly become frightened, we may hold our breath and it may also become fitful. By yielding the breath to the Divine, we are discovering the ‘mindless embodiment’ of the enlightened form.

Arranging 260 – Shine on!
Invasion Wizard” Any and all types of psychic intrusions.

The traditional western approach to the removal of possessing spirits could perhaps be called the Science of Exorcism, wherein certain substances and certain chants are used to remove the annoying spirits.

There are also many unwanted intrusions into the integrity of the ‘self’ that are not necessarily invading spirits, but are all manner of lower astral intrusions, including concepts, extraneous energies left behind in environments, programming from all manner of media, such as: books, films, television and so on and also the ‘evil eye’ of the conventional individual who ‘Medusas’ us to death with the stony gaze. This Auric Spray Invasion Wizard moves to clear the auric field of all levels of possession and more, with the entire traditional history of exorcism of all cultures.

Please Note

Fill the Arranging Spray Bottle with pure water. It is important that the label is not damaged, except for minor ‘wear’ and ‘tear’.