Primary Heart Energy Pendant
Specification: yellow or white gold with amethyst / male – pyramid shape, female – clover shape. (Female: $780 AUD and Male: $950 AUD)

Love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. But love is not just a virtue, it is the basis for all being, the foundation for all our existence and connection to the Divine, or Truth. Love is our very essence and the Divine Law that governs this place.

“There appear three pathways, the left, middle and right, and a big tomb behind. That tomb of the heart has to be animated, invoked and empowered and not stifled. It is the intuitive Heart centre which exists in every living form and it is our point of realisation of love itself, we have simply forgotten. Everyone knows what it is to love and to be loved. Everyone intuits that capacity – love and be loved.
That is what has to be awakened, that gnosis.

This Hermetic Energy is invoking that Remembrance.”

Strengthening the Heart centre to allow the flow of current to activate and emanate – this is our awakening to the radiance of love itself.

At all the levels of the Heart – the waking, dreaming and sleeping, the intuitive Heart remains dormant hidden behind the frontal personality until it is activated into the living current of radiance. It must ignite beyond the conventional frontal line. There is a Heart centre behind the frontal line personality, which is the true Heart current. The Energy of Primary Heart is Energetic nourishment for the true Heart current.

white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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