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The Look and Feel of Each Type of Happy Cushion

All Happy Cushions hold the same blessing current, yet the differing colour spectrums and even fabric can conduct and direct the current through our form differently. See which one you are drawn to. Click here to read more about the differing energetics that have been felt. (Page link coming soon.)

The Many Stages of Hand Production
Please note that there are many stages of hand production to make the Happy Cushions and once you select the one you would like, it is at this time that the wool is hand pulled and stuffed into the inner bag. This can take around an hour of loving labour. So allow up to one week for production time to be organised after you’ve placed your order. Click here to learn more about the hand work and stages of production that go into each Happy Cushion. (Page link coming soon.)

Limited Editions
There are a few Happy Cushions below that are limited editions and a few available. Once sold, the photo here will be removed.

What’s Available? 
The Hemp and Organic Cotton blend (50/50) Colours 

This section has the 50/50 blend of Hemp and Organic Cotton outer casing with an inner case filled with 100% eco-wool. The price for these are $320 AUD each. Until there is a shopping cart set up, please send an email through.

Happy Cushion cream and gold
Happy Cushion cream gold and aqua
Happy Cushion Cream dark blue & gold
Happy Cushion Black and Gold
Happy Cushion Black and Gold
Happy Cushion Black & White
Happy Cushion Black silver & white
Happy Cushion backside of cushion
satin gold & gold
Happy Cushion stone aqua and gold

The Hemp and Silk blend (50/50) Colours

The following Happy Cushions have an outer fabric with a 50/50 blend of Hemp and Silk and the inner fill is 100% eco-wool. (See here for more specifics on manufacturing and materials used.)
The price for these is $345 AUD each.

There are four colours available in very limited numbers.


Happy Cushion light sage hemp silk
Happy Cushion ocean blue hemp silk
Happy Cushion grass green hemp silk
Happy Cushion royal purple hemp silk

If you would like to get any of the Happy Cushion’s above, please get in touch. 

All hemp silk Happy Cushions
Happy Cushions wrapped and ready to go