(Grifola Frondosa)

Mushroom Extract

Available in 50g & 100g bags

Maitake means, “dancing mushroom” in Japanese (“mai” means “dance” and “take” means “mushroom”). It is also referred to as “Hen of the Woods” and “Sheep’s Head”.

Maitake in the wild is found to grow at the base trees, often Oak trees, beeches and other dead or dying hardwoods. According to folklore, the mushroom prefers to grow where lightning has scarred the wood of a tree. Before commercial cultivation foragers in Japan were said to establish secret places to keep others away and these known locations were called ‘treasure islands” and where to find them was a carefully guarded secret. These keepers were said to keep the secret their entire life, only revealed in their will, so to pass it on. Maitake commercial cultivation techniques were not perfected until the late 1970s, allowing more to partake in this treasure.

Maitake has long been used as an adaptogen, helping to balance the various systems and functions of the body. It is considered to have a duo-directional/double directional activity on the entire immune system (an immunomodulator). For example, it can be calming when one is over excited and energizing when one is feeling fatigued, neither a stimulant nor a sedative.

Maitake is rich in minerals, (such as calcium, potassium and magnesium) vitamins (such as D2, Niacin, B2) and certain fibers and amino acids essential for proper body function. Research showing tumor resistant properties while regulating glucose levels, blood pressure and insulin levels and weight, due to the regulation of cholesterol, liver lipids, phospholipids, and triglycerides. There is a vast reference of information and studies on Maitake Mushroom addressing a plethora of issues. Take a look for yourself on our website and others.


Serving Size: ½ teaspoon, which is 2.5 grams.
Directions: Ready to eat, mix straight into hot water or combine with other Magnificence Extracts.
Ingredients: Pure Maitake Extract. No other ingredients/fillers.  30% Polysaccharides.

*Each batch is tested for toxins, cross-contaminants, identity and potency.  Our products are grown organically, extracted purely, and secured in its respective packaging without the usage of any fillers. This is a hot water extracts, meaning no other solvents, alcohol, or chemicals are used to achieve the high concentration potency.

*This product and claims made for this specific product have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult your physician if you are currently on medication, pregnant, sick or uncertain.
Australian Food Standards currently consider this a novel food.