Talisman Pendant 
Specification: yellow or white gold cap with a clear or pink liquid filled glass teardrop that comes in two sizes. Cost: Small: $395 AUD & Large: $450

The Talisman in the usual sense is a good luck charm. The problem here is what is good luck? The ‘conscious disposition’ brings us good luck, precisely because it invites us never to be where consciousness does not dictate and never to be doing what consciousness does not dictate. The seat of Consciousness, or the Third Eye is a point in the centre of the visual field and a little above the horizontal plane and it is this point where our attention should be fixed perpetually in life, through the death process, and beyond. In the way of the Talisman, we are no longer invoking the karmic destiny but are dissolving such destinies with every breath that we take.

“Being able to walk through existence with the intensity of one-pointedness. Attention was held in place and not diverted by desire. Desire takes you into all sorts of realms. Being able to walk through it like a kid in a candy shop, able to remain steady and one-pointed. “

Empowering us to lift our attention to the third eye, or seat of consciousness, thus keeping us on the ‘straight and narrow’. By keeping our attention focused on the ‘straight and narrow’ we overwhelm the pulls into ‘right and left-sided’ adventuring, wherein we would be merely lost in all the dead-ends of the world. The Talisman Pendant is a powerful reminder of the ‘conscious disposition’ and thus invoking truly good luck.