The differences in The Happy Cushions:

1. Two types of outer fabric:
     Hemp & Organic Cotton – Cost is $150 AUD
     Hemp & Silk – Cost is $175 AUD

2. There are two types of inner stuffing available:
     100% Eco-Wool  – The standard fill for cushion.
     100% Non-Genetically Modified Corn Fibre. 

3. The different coloured cushions
     Currently there are 3 main fabric colours in Hemp/Organic Cotton:
              Red, Cream & Black
              Specialty colours and fabrics are sometimes created in limited numbers.
      Hemp/Silk – See what is currently in stock

       All Happy Cushions hold the same blessing current, yet the differing colour spectrums can direct the current through        our form differently.   

The Black Happy Cushion is very penetrating – It has been felt to be a dissolving into the infinite. 
Cream Cushions with blue embroidery feels to penetrate through the head.