The Zoroastrian Bubbler


This Bubbler is named on the basis of the Zoroastrian religion that used black and white pieces on a chessboard to create configurations. These configurations, based upon what they saw represented in nature, would produce symbols, to bring balance between the dark and the light. It was about the relationship and the interaction between good and evil.


Zoroastrianism was based in Persia and could have been a stable influence for anything up to 5,000 years. So with respect to the Zoroastrian Bubbler, the Energy represented here gives rise to the ‘creative control’ in the play between good and evil.


The vision was given to create a format of the balance between the dark and the light spheres of the Bubbler. The importance of the Fractaliser (which is placed within the centre of this Bubbler) is to bring the Temple, spearheaded by the centre arrow, to pierce the ‘mind’ and to ignite the top red sphere, “The Next Voice You Hear” as a current set to awaken humankind to the intuition that is alive, but prevented by mind. Awakening our intuition and holding the sacred.

Upon the Fractaliser Amentis Base, there is a flower image which is called “Heart Evolution Geometry”, which represents the flowering of the brain-mind. The white and black arms reaching up…polarised forms…male and female arms…these representing the extension of the Heart


This Bubbler is about supporting the light shining in on the darkness of unholy atheism and to return humankind; to listen, to hear, to awaken to the Divine and addressing the play between good and evil, where good triumphs over evil. Its intention holds the prayer for greater Unity of Heart Awakening, a current of equanimity and balance to touch the land, to bring Divine Heart to those who may be holding power and to release nations from the stress that has divided humanity.


Another intention this Bubbler holds is
the current of the Hermetic Art eternally, not only through the earth plane, but the universe itself. Bringing the living Heart, alive, to be felt and known and held as a sacred Alchymie – for all time. To allow the Divine to be felt alive as the present moment, where all history does not exist – where there is only this present arising and the illusion of separation dissolves, “As Above, So Below”.


It is a profoundly spiritual, prayerful, Unity Consciousness that this Bubbler holds within its intention.
… Love is the Only law. So negativity cannot persist. Soon negativity will be washed away!