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Excelsis currently offers:
Organic Cotton Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers,
Bath Towels and Bath Robes

The design and holding of Excelsis products are in Northern NSW Australia, while the organic cotton is grown and manufactured in India through fair and ethical commerce. The workers make a living wage in healthy working conditions, the families are looked after and the money goes fairly to all people involved in the process, not just the importers.

These Excelsis products are Certified Organic by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS*), from the field to the finished garment. Certification No: 808096

*Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) Certification, is an independent and internationally acknowledged inspection and certification body for organic production.

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About Excelsis
   Alchymie and Embroidery Symbolism
Organic Cotton vs. Conventional
Considerations Close To Our Heart

    The Truth About Greenwashing
    What is Certified Organic & How to Verify Certified Organic
Excelsis Bed Sheets

    Considerations For Your Wellbeing When Purchasing Bed Sheets
Excelsis Bath Towels
Excelsis Bath Robes
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 The Merging of Golden Fleece with The Crimson Clover symbol
to create Excelsis products 

All Excelsis Products have a Special touch and feel…

Each item is alchymeically imbued. This radiant current is a cosmic manifestation of life-positive, transformative energies brought by a unique and specialised blessing.

Each Excelsis product has two specially designed gold threaded embroidery images, these carry a special symbolism.


The image of the Golden Fleece signifies abundance and enlightenment,
A Gift of Grace.


The Crimson Clover, signifies the Trinity and the dawning of a New Age, emerging beyond all the poison and death of our dark history.

“Alchymie is indivisible, whole and transcendental…
a mystical transformation of celestial proportions…” 



excelsis robe
excelsis towel
white buddha and cream and gold happy cushion

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